SLAVE your mind in chains Financial Domination clip

Hello MY little addicted bitch ..
You’re back for more of my words, the words that brighten your dim little world, because they are from a Goddess. A Goddess that you feel so drawn to, so captivated with, so enchanted by. A Goddess that you are aching to serve.

I know you’re aching for me. All you have to do is make one little click & you can call me on my financial domination niteflirt line.. & listen to my perfect soft voice speaking directly to you & you’ll feel so relaxed and at ease. It won’t matter at all what I’m actually saying..the sound of my voice alone will weaken you..
Call Perfectly Posh for financial domination on

SLAVE your mind in chains

Don’t I look so cute here in this screenshot of me from my newest clip SLAVE your mind in chains.. which you MUST have! Regardless if your mind is already in chains for me or if you’ve never even had a Posh video before, you will benefit from watching this mindwash video!

Delve deeper into the world of slavery where you are completely chained to ME.. your mind brainwashed & weak for me, under my control, a SLAVE to Goddess .. over 9 minutes of Goddess Posh to obsess over as you fall harder & further for me.. you will want to fill out a slave contract & be mine foreverrrrr! *hypno* *brainwash* *financial domination* *goddess worship*


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Under the Influence

i’m so happy and grateful you found me Goddess Posh, and saw something in me worh taking. it hurts but i cant remember anyone ever knowing that hurt and how to manipulate it as well as you.

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

thank you Goddess Posh for news words for my weak mind. new words are always a gift for slave mind! i am so proud to know i am the only slave who watch first the new youtube clip, thank you so much ! Mhmmm i read what you said about the lock key! i must admit reading it make my tiny goes hard! even i secretly think you send me back the key after one year, oh of course not for a release, i definitively admit icky cumming is bad for me, but just for a better totally cleanup of… Read more »