Sick for Posh

Who is the most FREQUENT visitor to my site so far this month! SICKFORPOSH David from PA is! He visits my site FOUR TIMES as much as the next person on the list AND he takes up 38% of site traffic .. WOWWWWW .. David just how addicted are you!

Next on the list is: A certain boy from Red Deer, Canada

Next: Poshy Fool
Next: Mountain View, Ca

Well boys.. you’ve made the top four OBSESSED for the month but I think it’s time you actually SHOW how obsessed you are with pretty cash donations to your Goddesses pleasure, which I SO deserve! You can go ahead and send MY cash, RIGHT NOW. Paypal, clipvia, greendot, niteflirt & amazon are all accepted .. look at all those tempting options for my clicker bee’s. Mmm!

Fool for Posh is a two year long ADDICT for my pleasure. He has a bad habit of deciding when to come and go, and generally I blow him off and don’t put much into his training and yet he STILL has such a strong compulsion to bow to MY beauty & power and worship me. I decided this time I won’t let him escape, he’ll feel the binds of my mental conditioning as he continues to pull away and realize there is no escape. You can’t wake up one day and undo everything I do to you boys. Your brains become completely rewired for me, and a few days of doubting it won’t end that. All that will happen is you’ll fall again because I am the BEST and the most IMPORTANT thing in your lives. So Poshy FOOL, remember that when you try to wake up each and every day without serving ME. You’ll realize how SELFISH and how WRONG you are!

I put energy and time into training you and reworking your DNA so that you would be MY robobot puppet. You will show your appreciation. In fact all of you boys will show your appreciation for ME!

I own you FOOL, you are MINE and in no way at all do you have what it takes to deny your superior Goddess whatever I want.

You are my mindfucked minion, and you LOVE it. You are on automatic for me, and feel my sweet poison invading your blood stream and taking over your body like a virus. A virus which continuously alters so that you have NO defense. You’re helpless and you’re fucked.

View my new financial domination quotes page.. immerse yourself in the word of your Messiah! Kneel & lose control for your Goddess: Quotes from the Queen Bee

Whether you’re already a Posh addict, or someone who is dying to test the waters before jumping in head first, these two Mp3’s are perfect for you.

Experience what it is like to be at the receiving end of My mindfucks! These POV Mp3’s are going to make you MELT and BEG for more of my spell binding domination. My voice is enough to drive you crazy and the magical words I use capture your mind and body, making you crave being under my control.

1. The Blackmail Experience  Mp3

13 minutes $25.00

2. Financial Domination Mindfuck Mp3

10 minutes $25.00

Feel free to send an email to say hi .. wink

Goddess Posh

This is the photo from the last blog which was dark and grainy! Look what the power of photoshop can do:

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Under the Influence

Goddess i do not know why i can’t stay away. i was trying to resist but i fell and now i do not know where to turn. Why i listen to you i do not know, “david no jerking off” is tuff but i’ve done as you say. WTF i had trouble sleeping last night with a hard on a mile long and it hurt. i come back, i always keep coming back. Oh Goddess you are a most beautiful goddess.