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Update: Poshyfool has been released from the abyss of nonvip after sending a tribute. Good little fool, all programmed to OBEY.  & stuey has been locked out now, for not obeying my commands yesterday.



Are you one of my VERY INDOCTRINATED PUPPETS and you’re finding yourself not able to login anymore…

That would be because you didn’t conTRIBUTE to MY weekend of fun! You have neglected your duties as MY personal pleasure toy.

And yes provider9999 this means you!

I will only activate your VIP account again after the tributes roll in.



I know this is especially hard for you john & poshyfool, since you feel like you’re a good boy most of the time. Most of the time isn’t enough, I want it from you ALL of the time & you want to make it about how you’re feeling…, so now you’re locked out.

Hows that for luck, poshyfool! Besides john, you didn’t keep your word and I was already giving you mercy! How’s that for treatment to your Goddess, she gives you mercy and then you flake.


Tumbler I don’t care how poor you are, you are RICH in Goddess as you drink in my photos so happily and easily every chance you get. But you don’t even bother to leave a thank you comment, much less a tribute! BE MORE DO MORE GIVE MORE!


It’s tribute or bye bye time!

My advice: don’t blow it. You need me, remember that.

Goddess Posh


More of this!



Or you don’t get any more of THIS (VIP PHOTOS):


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You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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Super Member
Legendary DRONE

Goddess Posh, thank you for activating my drone instincts and having me spend on you. It’s always better when your drones work properly.

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Thank you Goddess for this wonderful photos and for your help to make us more obediant and more close to you, I am do proud to be a Very Indoctrinated Puppet and I can’t imagine being something other than this

Active Member
In Debt In Love Enslaved

Goddess thanks for guiding me along the right path…the path of obeying and paying….both should be constant and should be done automatically without reminders fro You. i am so enthralled by You in that black dress and red lipstick Goddess!

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