Seductive Lips ala Dangerous Pink! & Time for Vacay..

I feel fantastic.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve done some tweaking on my website, yet again. This time I really am happy, at least for now. I change my website design more than you change your underwear!

Despite being summer the weather has tanked the past couple of weeks. I have spent my summer indoors and it sucks. I was so looking forward to enjoying the warmth and sun. I am starting to get cabin fever. I know, you’re excited because you know what comes next. Once I get restless I need a little vacation and you can’t wait to send your Goddess away to beautiful clear skies and white sand beaches, can you. Although, I’m thinking a cruise might be what I’m after this time. I haven’t gone on one before, I know, insanity. I just don’t like boats, have a fear of being stranded out in a vast sea without any boys around to torment. Ahh, what a nightmare that would be! I have heard that a cruise ship does not cause sea sickness and doesn’t go far from land, so why not try it! Caribbean cruise here I come, and it goes without being said that you ALL are paying for it. Single file line, no pushing, no shoving, just hand over the cash and get out of the way.

Full version here: Seductive Lips ala Dangerously Deep Pink

I made another new clip, this was because I’ve been pretty ‘deep’ lately, and I needed a little girly time where I could just be nice and shallow. But, you know me, always seeing dollar signs every where I turn. So, decided to cash in on another one of your weaknesses, albeit a simple one.. Lipstick & Lipgloss. I did throw in a bit of verbal mindfuckery, but don’t worry, even you little boys can handle it.

Back to the stables, I have a herd of piggies that need tending to. (Yes, I did just use fin domme slang.. awwwww)

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