Ripping your heart out. .

It doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with me, all of you do. You’re all obsessed with my seemingly innocent nature that becomes sadistic and greedy at the drop of a pin. It’s a mindfuck in itself, but when your heart becomes twisted around my hand, in the palm of my hand, delicately perched in my hand – I’m the one which pumps your blood through your body, I’m the one which keeps you alive, and you fall in love with that, don’t you. You fall in love with me, and my power, my apparent ability to rip your heart out, fuck you over, and end your existence.

Such dirty words from between such sweet lips– -..

You see your life is like a desert, you’re lost in a desert, and I’m the oasis. So you thought, but what little energy you had left, the little bit you could’ve saved yourself with, I used up. I drained you, drained you completely in every way possible. I drained your confidence, your arrogance, your ego, your will, your courage and your money. It strikes you with fury and fear, I’ve been a mirage all along and you’re the fool at the wishing well, but you can’t turn away now. To turn away would be disastrous for you, since as you know I hold your heart, I’m the one giving you life.

And so you’re here, stuck in my grip, trapped between the desert and death, and you love it.

It makes you hard doesn’t it, you’re a dirty pervert.

I hold your heart in my hand, with the power to crush the life from you, and your COCK is raging hard.

What does that say about you?

You will buy and watch this mantra every day, chanting along with me, as your addiction grows stronger-

The Mantra at


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