Return to the Garden

Eric.. oh Eric.. I know you’re reading this you filthy pervert. I know you can’t stay away from me. You think you can escape, but already I own you. I’m on your mind always, I’m tantalizing your senses, you are so predictable. How does it feel to not have any control over your actions?

I thought it was time we head back to my Garden, time for me to feed you more of my forbidden fruit. See, I’ve been rather insatiable lately. I know you understand how I have a thirst for the finer things in life, and my favorite way to get them is through emotional entrapment, manipulation and even stealth. mmm, its so delicious, its so gratifying. Really, how could any of you ever stand a chance against giving into my whims when you know it pleases me oh so much. You can’t..

Forbidden Fruit was quite sexy and seductive, wasn’t it. Now you can return to the Garden with me, we have so much more to explore and do. I will entice you with my harmonic voice, bringing you into a fantasy land that seeps into your every day reality. This is 46 minutes, and will take some time to load. I am completely worth it, but I don’t have to tell you that. The visual portion is a very seductive loop, I added it only for the purpose of driving you wild, it does not need to be watched!

A short preview:
Garden Preview

Return to the Garden


This is a hypnotic clip, which features an induction followed by an enchanted story of a Goddess that corrupts and uses a boy, just like you. I take weak willed men, and I exploit them for everything they are worth. I am seduction incarnate.

If you’re not easily prone to be in a trance you will still enjoy this clip, as I’ve added beautiful hypnotic footage of me and the words I speak will draw you in and feed your mind, regardless if you enter a trance or not.

I am just that powerful. I am that beautiful.

You can not resist.

Listen with your headphones on, sit back and feel my hypnotic mind control through every ounce of your body.

I will corrupt you. I will seduce you. I will have my way.

Silent Torture


Of course, there are those of you who aren’t quite ready to hear me speak, or better yet, you don’t deserve to. The other night I was feeling so pretty, I flipped on my cam and talked right to you, but alas, I did not record with volume just because I wanted to torture you. Imagine seven minutes of silent torture, seeing my pretty mouth moving and being so curious as to what I’m actually saying.. and of course, I realized even that was too good for you, so I added some grainy effects to most of the clip. I know you’re weak enough to buy it, you would buy an empty clip if you thought it would make me happy. It is about the exploitation of you and the pleasure of me, isn’t it, boy.

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