I am so excited about the new storefront on my site. I love having multiple options for you ADDICTS to shop from. Hey Aussie BOI, you don’t think I’m going to let you get away with being a simple obsessive CLIP fanatic, do you? I am sure you know better by NOW since you’ve watched multiple clips and felt my power seeping into your little manbrain. NO control, you have NO control & it feels goooood. So so goood. That’s why you’re going to send a giftcard from to – because it’s only right and it feels SO good.

I also am making a clip right now called.. “I DO”.. so you love struck puppets want to MARRY me and provide a lifetime of luxury and romance for your Goddess- well I want you to know exactly how your life would be if I were to accept and become the WIFE of your dark dreams.

Also, silversleep has begged me to make a clip for him that he wrote- now you all know I won’t do custom clips but this one happens to be right along the lines of the clips I already make. He is a Posh puppet, he knows what I want and he knows it WELL .. and he happens to be hooked on it. This doped up Poshy fan is going to pay big bucks for a custom clip that’s SCRIPTED. As you know, I don’t use a script. I’m improv all the way boys, but shall we see how I handle a script- one in which you end up even more fucked over? Yeah I thought so- yummy.

I can’t wait to talk to my boys tonight, I’ve been gone for days on a mini-vacay up north and I’m SO ready to dip my fingers into the core of your aching mind and warp it even more. I’m ready – are you?

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11 years ago

My new low. Now I’m sneaking around on my computer. I’m afraid to check my email because Goddess will know I’m there. If she sees me available I’m doomed. All she has to do is text, “hello Puppet,” and I literally fall to my knees. I don’t want to but she somehow established a trigger. I chave to kneel when we are in contact. I have no choice. Now I’m going to have to start using my computer when I don’t think she is on so she can’t take me deeper. I can’t make myself unavailable because, even though she… Read more »

11 years ago

Crossed the line – We spoke on the phone when my wife was home. Again she pushed me further than I thought I would go. She told me to wait up and be the first to buy her new clip, I Do. After a long time she said the server was slow and I could go to sleep. I tried but I couldn’t sleep. I had to be first and I wound up falling asleep at my computer. At her command, I bought something from her wishlist that I couldn’t afford. Now she has ordered me to send money for… Read more »

Broken Soul
11 years ago

i can’t help you. She has done the same to me and far, far worse, over and over again. i should hate it, i can’t. i should be able to stay away. i can’t. She has destroyed my life, over and over and i can’t stop her doing it again and again. She is so powerful, it’s too late all too quickly, and you can’t see it happening. Then you are just fucked, like i am. There is not any way of reversing it, stopping Her or fighting what She has done. And will do. She has you, just like… Read more »

11 years ago

I am so glad there are others like me sinking deeper and deeper. I had my first session, and the power loss was incredible. I just wanted to be a clip buyer and perhaps just chat on yahoo, but Goddess had other plans for me.

Her manipulation, power and controlwere amazing. Before I even knew what was happening I was begging her to take my money. And she did.

I knew I should stop now before I get too deep.