I drained David B last week. Now this week he is on ban as he works his hardest to come up with more money for me. And to think he wasn’t even a financial masochist when he approached me. All he wanted was a little hypnosis but you all know how that turns out. Also, he decided to bring politics up to me and I became very passionate about it, as he was being a self-centered spoiled elitist know it all and really that angered me even more. Today is a fabulous day, my mom is going to be here in 3 hours.

I expect only docile, obedient, proper puppets today. I do not intend to deal with anything other than the most well behaved selfless Posh puppets. That means you will focus on ME ME ME and all thoughts about YOU and your petty life will fly out the window. David B. this is especially for you .. as I know how hooked you are on me, you tell me daily how much you LOVE me, how you can’t sleep without my voice on loop lulling you into a deep trance where I penetrate your mind and alter your thoughts, how you are so addicted to my beauty and my control, how you can’t go a day without speaking to me because it’s too painful and too intense..

I know it’s hard to go without me, but you’ve been put into quarantine until your self-centered selfish bug passes, once you are selfless again I will let you back out.

Goddess Posh

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Dear Goddess, i’m sorry i have not been in touch and been buying Your clips recently. i know how much pleasure it brings You for us to spend money on You. and of course, You completely deserve all our money. i have been on vacation with no access to the web and have been suffering the whole time. i am home now just for one day and will leave again tomorrow. i miss Your clips soooo much it hurts. i cannot wait until vacation is over so i can worship You full time once again.