Puppets Provide Pleasure to their Financial Domme

Spend Puppet Spend
Your mind is exposed for me once again, because as usual you are weak and helpless .. and as usual, I am the predator having fun with her prey. My little toy, just rubbing it in what power I have and what control I maintain over you.. you can’t even think straight, your mind just keeps looping on one thought.. Spend Puppet Spend and make this beautiful Goddess happy!

Spend Puppet Spend is a follow up to the very effective, & very loved, clip Pay Puppet Pay. But, even if you’ve never watched that one you’ll still love Spend Puppet Spend!

Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Brainwash, Mind Control, No Visual Layering


Available clips4sale, niteflirt & private purchase.

Every gift I receive from you boys is a symbol of my power, your weakness, my control, your helplessness, my beauty, your inferiority, my enchanting mesmerizing hold over you & your devotion, love & worship of ME..

Each gift I receive sets off a series of emotions in me, from pleasure & happiness, to peace & calmness as I accept & realize I am blessed to be a Goddess. Each time I look around my home & see all the things provided to me from my slaves I am reminded of how much you truly need to make me happy, I am reminded of how successful I am at being a Goddess.. that for me it is simply the way it is, the way it ought to be. I am Me, a Goddess for worship & adoration, a hypnotic mind bending femme fatale that leaves you boys without any choice.

There is no choice other than to serve. Money slavery is not the question, it is the answer. Money slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

Your life was missing something, just admit it. The search you’ve been on has led you to one place, over and over again. Right here, to Goddess, kneeling in humble adoration. Here you can bask in my superiority, let go of the reigns, and relax as I guide you down the path of servitude. Your life no longer empty & meaningless, just a drone fulfilling your vanilla life obligations, but full of something so much more.. MY SMILE. MY HAPPINESS. MY PLEASURE.

You go to work and you work work work with ME on your mind. You go to pay your credit card bill and the image of me standing above you with a haughty look on my face pops into your head.. yes it’s only right you should have debt to pay off for me! How else would I ever know that you’re truly trying, that you really care, that you honestly put my pleasure first?

You reach into your wallet only there’s nothing there but photos of Goddess… she has taken it all and you love it. The hurt for me is so good, isn’t it.

Did you ever think your path keeps returning you to me for a reason? You’re here to benefit me. Maybe you’re not doing good enough or you would have been allowed to move on in life, but nooooo.. fate has you here again and again, and that is because you can never pleasure me as much as I deserve and you’re going to spend the rest of your puppet life on strings while I yank you this way and that way making sure you’re benefiting me exactly how I want.

A puppet that will only get tangled up in those strings if you try to control them on your own … haha. Goddess has all the control, and you’re just a helpless clicker bee. Yes a CLICKER BEE for the QUEEN BEE! Clicking & spending your way deeper into submission, further under my spell.. as I rise higher & higher!

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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7 years ago

Oh Thank you Goddess Posh for this positive post it says all what we need to know! Oh yes I admit to be totally addicted to your highness. I know I can’t live without you, I know I just can obey serve and SPEND! Last clip is very good for my mind, like old one was, so it is very good for my blank mind to hear and watchover and over the mix of “pay puppet pay” and “spend puppet spspend” ! Thank you so much for all new pics ! I always need more material to obsess over and… Read more »

Her Little Wallet
Her Little Wallet
7 years ago

Now that Goddess Posh allowed me to come back into Her VIP Group, She generously assigned a new name to me which i am very proud of: Her Little Wallet…. even thinking of this name and the moment She called me like this the first time makes Her Money slave lever tingle and twitch, aiming on giving Pleasure to Goddess… Goddess Posh deserves all the pleasure from Her obedient, weak puppets like i am one again now. Thank You for accepting me back!

Poshatized Puppet
Poshatized Puppet
7 years ago

Welcome back `Her Little Wallet`. There is only one thing we crave when we don’t have access to VIP, that is having access to VIP again. i think that the brainwashing by Goddess Posh makes us crave even more brainwashing by Her. i am also very happy that She allowed me to return, becoming more mushy all the time and eager to Please Her