Psychological Damage: It’s Too Late For You now Steven

Recently my most favorite gift to receive has been my new camera from puppet steven, a Nikon D40x and a Canon Powershot G12. I love taking photo’s and both camera’s are a few steps up from my Sony Cyber-Shot. Of course I am obsessive about any of my hobbies so I must always have the latest and the greatest, which means you have a lot to go shopping for. I am allowing you the chance to really make me happy with buying for me camera gear which I will never pay for out of my own money. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it wallet boy.

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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lucky lucky lucky lucky steven. God i hope youre appreciative steve.

Under the Influence

wow, amazing blog. no one can ever escape the clutches of Goddess Posh. She just somehow takes over. fabulous.