Prime your boy Brain with My Mindfuck Lure

Its time to prime your weak little boy brain with my mindfuck lure! You’re enticed by my curves and have been weak for me already but you’re going to listen to this brainwash mp3 and come out of it ready to watch my videos with an even deeper appreciation and love, addiction and helplessness, weakness and admiration, for my voluptuous feminine form than ever before.


Buy it now on niteflirt!



Stuey, you are commanded to buy this goodybag and leave your slave drivel in the feedback! This goes for all of you slaves of mine. As MY financial domination philosophy makes it very clear, everything I create you cherish and love and appreciate, which means putting your wallet where MY creations are!

With Mindfuck Melodies being released on Friday this is the perfect primer for you addicts! Get a little taste of your favorite juice right here, right now… listen to my Mp3 and then come to me, ready to serve the curves.


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5 years ago

Mhmmm thank you Goddess for this new mindwash material.
I can’t wait to listen it and prepare my weak mind for Friday ‘s minfuck melody release.
Daily falling deeper for Goddess, no way back, trapped in the mood to please you forever

5 years ago

I love you Master, you are so superior to me, such an amazing Woman, a genius. I am so puny compared to you Master.

2 years ago

Here i am leaving my slave drivel again Great Master. You are of course right, as you always are, it is drivel and pathetic compared to your brilliant prose. i am unable to write like you Master, you are in a different league to us normal mortals, you are so much better than me as you are in everything.