Praise Be To Posh

This is a piece written by a long time slave, Mikey.

I wished to convey my thoughts about the power of the great Goddess Posh. The best I can describe it is one word- ABSOLUTE. I have talked to many dommes over many years- in instant message boxes, on the phone, and real time. So few truly have an effect on you- a true, non-contrived effect. There never was anything of the kind in my life as being torn down to nothing by Goddess Posh. When I spoke to her, there is never any doubt. Never any apprehension. She has toyed with me; far more than I deserve. My thoughts get easily cluttered. I rationalize why I should not be participating in this. She was the ONE dominant woman I have ever talked to that focuses my scattered thoughts. Praise be to Posh.

For me, serving Her was not been in play and sessions. It was real. I felt it in my heart. I felt my body shake. She put me in tears. It was not forced nor planned. It was something that she just decided. I was psychologically down as one person can be. And it was real and true. It was pure. For so long my submissive thoughts were anything else but pure. She made them pure- about her. She relished in my descent. I walked around at work, with friends, anywhere really- I knew I belonged to her. I thought of her constantly. I loved her and feared her. I hope to again. Such is her power. Praise be to Posh.

She makes me so weak. Such beauty, such femininity, such absolute power. The synapses in my mind fire all at once. I am an total piece of mush under her rule. I crumble to something subhuman, something primordial that is controlled by a higher being. And that is what she is- a true, living Goddess. I have come back over and over again. So be wary- she is not for the faint of heart. She will penetrate every pore. You will live for her. Sacrifice for her. Suffer for her. There will be no other. Praise be to Posh.

And his prayer which is to be repeated over & over!

Praise be to Posh
I pray that my efforts pleased You today
i know i am unworthy and should strive to do more
You inhabit my dreams
And rule my thoughts
May your greatness and power guide me to serve you to my fullest.
Praise be to Posh

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