Pot Of Gold

Where is my intelligent boy who knows how to stimulate my mind & can give me a run for his MONEY.. hmm? You are all so inferior to my creativity, cleverness and intelligence it is nearly impossible for me to stay interested in you for too long. I really enjoy a chase, however, I must know there is going to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so if you want me to HUNT you down entice me some first.

After all, you have to capture MY attention before I will even bother to use my energy on you. Its not like fisherman go to an empty pond and cast their line (though I wish they did, poor yucky fish). Why would you expect me to hunt you down when you haven’t even given me a reason to WANT to. Common sense potential POSH pets.

It’s very easy for me to capture boys. My sexuality is magnetic. I’m a force of sexual magnetism that leaves you weak and unable to stop yourself from obeying my commands. Seduction is indeed power, and I know how to use mine. If you’re here right now reading these words you are already weak for me. Already you have been infiltrated by my inherent seductive nature and you have forever been touched by the power of Posh. You’ll never get me out of your head now. I find all of this fascinating and sexy, but I still NEED for you to be intelligent and give me MY rush I get from hunting you down. I already know I will capture you, the chase is just so much fun.

The panting that parts your lips as you try to hide. The trembling in your body as you frantically glance around, realizing there is no way out. The quiver in your voice when you plead for mercy. The way you sink to your knees in submission and offer yourself to me. It all plays a vital role in keeping me interested in .. YOU. It’s not even the capture which arouses me the most. Money is the ultimate sacrifice, and while I can never get enough, it’s the desparation in your voice to please me that REALLY makes me float. I expect for you to make me FLOAT. I am not a fantasy role play machine. I am POSH & I will use the fuck out of you after I hunt your submissive ass down and I will FLOAT with my OWN high and my OWN rush. I will feel my OWN arousal and to hell with yours. I do not care about your nasty yucky penis, I do not care about your fears, or your needs, or your wants. I care that you are intelligent, give me a good hunt, have a lot of GOLD to give your Goddess and supply me with MY pleasure.

Can you do those things puppet boy? Can you be a good Posh pet and get ME off? Can you be a dirty boy and run from me with a stiff raging hard cock knowing you are just going to fall to the dirt in submission and helplessly give it ALL to me?

Can you handle the pain of never being good enough, of always being unworthy no matter how hard you try, to receive even a mere soft kiss from my delicious lips? Can you handle knowing I will hunt you down, take everything you ever thought was yours-  your money, your life, your dignity, even your own self-awareness and make it MINE- before releasing you back into the wild and making you live it over and over again. Each time a little bit harder, each journey a little bit more intense. Each passing moment closer and closer to the edge of never going back to life BEFORE POSH. No, life is now POSH & there is no going back. Can you handle it puppet boy? Can you handle it when I have you caged in love with me and I give you commands that make your pathetic boyparts twitch and your mind scream NOOOOOO, ANYTHING BUT THAT and your heart to pound 10 times faster as you begin to LOVE the idea.. of ..

Divorcing your wife.

Selling her jewelry to give ME the cash.

Giving me my OWN credit card.

Giving me your ATM card.

Taking out your 401K and giving it to ME.

Remortgaging your home.

Personal loan after personal loan after personal loan all to ME ME ME.

Selling your house, giving ME the profits and moving into a dinky apartment.

Selling your car & using public transportation.

.. These things are sacrifices you might not be ready for at the moment. But, you will be. I have already begun to work my magic and you are going to learn how to be a true financial fuck toy for me. You are going to work hard to keep ME happy. I expect sacrfice from you. I do not hunt you down just to look at your pretty crying face and gloat of my own power and skill. I expect that pot of gold to be overflowing right into MY bank account.

I knew David would give in. I knew when I told him no more breast worship clips until AFTER you pay X amount he would jump on it. Like an obedient and obsessed Posh pet he always does whatever I expect of him. In the beginning he did not give in. It took a while before he was truly converted but I LOVED that about him. I didn’t have a pathetic wanker at my feet instantly claiming his love and devotion to me. Those types are just living a fantasy that gets them off and they do NOT do it for me. No David was the type to let it all sink in, slowly changing the way his thoughts worked, slowly altering him until one day he just couldn’t take it any more. That is the type of boy I LOVE to have serving me, they stick around for years because they are so brainwashed by ME. David, you’re my brainwashed puppet and I knew you would give in and I know you LOVE giving in. I expect more more more from you. I will be shopping all week with the cash you so desparately feel the need to give me.

David, come get smothered .. I want the ultimate sacrifice from you. I always get what I want.

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10 years ago

I didn’t think it was possible but this young woman is more powerful than I ever believed was possible. It started as a game and became an obsession. I never would have considered the suggestions she makes above. They weren’t possible. Then she worked her magic. She turned my mind to mush, reached inside, pushed a button here, moved a wire there and things began to subtly change. The suggestions are beginning to sound more and more reasonable. She’s got me panting harder and harder. Soon she’ll lead me to places and to do things I never would have considered… Read more »