Poshy Had A Little Lamb (S)

While I do dabble, okay exceed, in the art of brainwashing men, I don’t HAVE to brainwash you in order for you to adore me. The truth is you just adore me from the moment you lay eyes on me. There is something about me which draws you in. I’m addictive and enchanting without even trying, it just feels natural to worship and obsess over me. It’s a lethal combination when you add in the fact that I get immense sadistic pleasure when I fuck with your head.

I have you weak from the onset with my unassuming demeanor allowing you to feel safe and even special, as if I have a little place in my life just for you and you alone. When you feel that way you never really notice that I’m brainwashing the fuck out of you, turning you into a little Posh zombie. My hidden agenda’s aren’t even hidden, I’ll blatantly let you know that you’re going to be fucked over, but when my big blue eyes and angel face are looking into your soul you’ll bend at my will and allow it to happen. You can see it approaching, hear it, feel it, even taste it, but you are powerless to stop it.

I leave you feeling without strength, without self-control, spiraling in a whirlwind of sexy and dark submission that is way too good to ever think of escaping from. There is a part of you that loves living on the dangerous side of life, taking risks and delicately balancing on the edge. I reach this part of you and I caress it into submission, owning it, taking control over it. Then I push you further than you have ever been pushed before. Oh how you love seeing the end dangling right in front of your face, gripped in my greedy hands..

Even knowing how impure my intentions are you flock to me, begging for a chance to serve. That is exactly what I expect from you. I am DIVINE & I deserve nothing less than the best from you. You know this from the moment you gaze into my eyes, you understand just how important it is to contribute to MY happiness. As my brainwashed & addicted pet you will work hard to lay gold and riches at my immaculate feet.

I haven’t updated you on clips lately, though I know you are still checking out my studio obsessively, buying up each and every one I release. I know you can’t get enough of a Posh fix. It’s never enough. I’ve been LOVING the wonderful gifts, cash and giftcards you’ve humbly laid at my feet. Mmmm yummy! As you know, just like you can’t get enough of ME, I can’t get enough of that CASH.

Clip Updates:

Permission to Obsess
It’s not as if you aren’t obsessed already, but I thought I’d go ahead and help prod you along.

I’ve created an extraordinary MP3 to drive you even deeper into obsession, under my spell, and tightly around my greedy fingers. You will serve me like a good puppet when I am through with you.

Mmmm Good Puppet
As you know I deserve nothing less than the best, and you’ve been doing a good job keeping me supplied with gifts, cash and giftcards.

Mmmm Good Puppet.

Buy this clip.

Mmm Good Puppet.

Receive commands. Receive praise.

I’m about to make your day..

Extreme Financial Fuck Over
For my insatiable pets who just can’t wait to splurge another $100.00 on their Goddess, I’ve looped 40 seconds of video to create a 4 minute clip to FUCK YOU OVER.

Isn’t it a joy when you give up your hard earned money to Goddess though..

How devoted are you? Show me..

Poshy Had A Little Lamb
I have a little lamb, it is you, and you follow me EVERYWHERE begging to spend money on me and buy me gifts.

Such a financial pet you turned out to be. Well, here I am commanding you on how to SPEND SPEND SPEND MY MONEY!

I know exactly what I want and how to get it, it’s your job to give it to Me.

Seduced & Used
Your male brain is just too weak to handle MY seduction.

From the tilt of my head, the flip of my hair, to the smooth application of gloss over my pink lips you’re history.

Layering of subliminal messages along with sexy images of me teasing and taunting you in my brand new push-up bra will leave you ready to be USED by Goddess.

Buy this clip now boy, and you will become my newest wallet to fuck over.

Financial Domination, seduction & hypnotic audio will leave you breathless.. and broke.

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10 years ago

Seduced & Used and Good Puppet are two of the most potent brainwashing things i have ever witnessed. Still Giving & Going Broke for Goddess with an oblivious smile on my face…

10 years ago

It starts as an interest in the beautiful woman, but the change is so subtle. After earning her attention, excitedly checking your email for another response from Goddess, then nervously checking. Nervous that she might demand more, more than you can give. Finally, seeing her newest response with the satisfied smile of an addict, being happy merely to be noticed and called on. Goddess is indeed beautiful, powerful, and dangerous. You too will learn to love the subtle transition to being a worthy posh follower as I have.

10 years ago

mmm you would know, wouldn’t you David. I’ve shown you exactly how much power I have over your dark and dreary world, I am the light that keeps you going and makes you want to work hard every day so that you have a way to keep contributing to MY pleasure.

And SlaveDavey.. you are surely becoming another Posh Puppet.. you are quickly spiraling into my web of control and brainwashing.. we are going to have oh so MUCH fun together 😉

10 years ago

Praise be to Posh!

Broken Soul
10 years ago

You all have no idea what She is going to do to you. I don’t know whether I should warn you, or be jealous of you. Because when the realisation hits you, and the moment occurs, in the instant you come to know she has you, forever, that’s a really potent experience. The sudden understanding, that it’s all over. That She has defeated every aspect of you utterly and there is no survival beyond pleasing Her. Believe me, that’s when She really fucks you to death.