Poshtopia of Financial Domination

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

A real place or state of things in which everything is perfect through serving Goddess Posh. The word was first used in 2013 in a YouTube video by Goddess Posh.

Poshtopia draws you into an addicting maze of all things Goddess Posh! Through serving MY desires you’re consumed in My world, where all that matters is being an available and eager puppet who wants nothing more than to please this IMMACULATE Financial Goddess. You never have to think. You never have to worry. In Poshtopia you only need to relax your silly inferior mind, and allow the superior will and power of your dominant, beautiful and deserving Goddess to take over!

Everything about me is intoxicating and revitalizing. I lift your spirit and renew your sense of purpose, giving you such a clear and precise path to follow. All you have to do is take one step after the other into the wonderful world of Poshtopia. See, it’s so lovely in here where my voice swirls all around you lulling you into submission, and my power penetrates your flesh and scathes your soul and you love it! You just can’t get enough. It’s so much fun, and so exciting, to be lost in the world of Poshtopia with your Goddess.. isn’t it.

You want to lay jewels, cash, and gifts at my feet. In honor of my beauty, in honor of my superiority, in honor of my complete essence. I fuck with your head and make it feel so divine. The needs you feel are only the need to obey your Goddess and work as hard as you can and as long as you can to bring ME happiness!

You can earn a place in Poshtopia.. all you need to do is follow my orders. To start you need to be stocked up on all of my brainwash financial domination fetish clips if you’re not already! They are so important because I use my brainwash technique The Venus Sway to really fuck with your helpless boy brain. It helps to ease your anxieties and increase the dopamine release into your body! As you’re more exposed to my venom you become even more hooked and want to drink in even more. But it’s so good, and leaves you feeling so helpless under MY perfect control, you never want to stop.

Then you need to make sure you show me how much you truly adore me by sending me a gift from my amazon.com wishlist or by sending me a cash tribute to my niteflirt, or even as a giftcard from amazon to posh@poshmessiah.com but you must make sure you send me some form of tribute otherwise you’re just a silly failure who can’t get into Poshtopia. The boys who really want in know how to get in the right way, don’t you my addicts..

I’ll guide you down the path, deep into the maze of financial domination and mind-control, but you have to come to my door and present a gift to get into this world. I love being a financial domme and having such fantastic pets already living in Poshtopia. All of them have a special place and when I’m ready I take my puppets out one by one and play with them however I want. My puppets can never get enough of me, and being allowed playtime with Goddess is so much fun and such a real treat! You can be a special puppet too.. you only need to OBEY.

There is so much to get caught up in, it’s so exciting and even if overwhelming that makes you feel even better. This is the REAL Goddess, the REAL trap, the REAL maze that lets you into a world of sensual and soft dominance that makes you so soft, so mushy, you can never say no. Being MY personal little wallet is divine.

I want and deserve droves and droves of mindless money slaves, all lost in the world of Poshtopia, all lost to The Venus Sway, all caught in the addicting spell of Goddess Posh .. clicking and spending, sacrificing it all, to ME.

Watch the video

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7 years ago

Poshtopia is reality. Poshtopia is the only place for me, the best place for worship and serve goddess Posh! I know too when you get a visa for poshtopia you never gone back, and it feel so good to know it

7 years ago

So easy and relaxing to get lost in Poshtopia. And then when you think you are leaving, it turns out to just be a different neighborhood.

2 years ago

Mmmhmm love rediscovering old clips! You already was so irresistible !