Poshtopia Is HERE!

Poshtopia Is HERE!

2015 is HERE and I have a lot of changes in store for myself. For one thing I hate clips being the focus of what I do. My clips are amazing reflections of what I believe in, an art form per se, and I enjoy making them when I feel like it. I don’t look at clips as a income source so I don’t focus a lot of time or energy into providing a customized clip experience to you boys. I also really enjoy having full control over who has access to ME and all the things I do. So for this reason I have taken my clips to a more private location, POSHTOPIA. Poshtopia is a wonderful sanctuary for all of my admirers, addicts, fans, puppets and slaves to get lost in ..


Be true to yourself and what you enjoy most.. BEING UNDER MY SPELL. Hide out from the world and escape into the land of Goddess Posh where the only thing that matters is ME.


Like I don’t make my clips to cater to boys I also don’t cater to boys in any other way either. I will use your fetishes and interests against you in my own way. Of course I will because I love to manipulate and it’s a fantastic tool to get what I want from you but like I said it’s in MY way.. it won’t be how you expect. I don’t create a customized experience to your taste. I expect MY wants and desires and interests to become your MAIN priority. I expect MY happiness to be your motivation. I won’t be giving you anything in exchange for the wallet rape you will receive, but I will expect you to give me a thank you after!


VIP boys enjoy poshtopia and know there will be a new clip and photos later this week! The clip is going to be incredibly lethal for you weak little puppets. Cleavage.. eyes… towering above you .. dropping you to your knees.. that’s a good little bitch for Goddess..

A good little bitch always puts GODDESS above all else and always has a wallet ready to be drained by ME.

Goddess Posh

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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