Emotional Slavery

It’s not just your money I’m after boy. I certainly LOVE to entrap your heart too. You’ll find I am too adorable for you to resist falling for. There is just something about me, a genuine sincerity, a depth of character, a magnetic warmth that draws you right in.

You might even feel safe, loved and needed. You might even believe you’ve found something real for the first time in your life. I make you feel that way, I wrap your heart up in splendor and enchant your senses. I weaken you through the power of love, domination and affection.

I control exactly what you feel and when you feel it. I get into your head and heart, I mold you into a perfect Posh puppet. I conquer all of your resistance to financial domination and leave you completely dependent on me to feel anything. All those warm fuzzy feelings I give you are so addicting, so delightful, that you’ll do whatever it takes to keep feeling it.

I’m the high you can’t walk away from. With one taste of MY VENOM you are hooked.

You fall in love with me, you just can’t help it. I use that love to control you. I use your lust to dominate you. I use your weakness to mindfuck you. I use your wallet to RAPE you.

My philosophy: LOVE is SLAVERY.

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