poor ronny

poor ronny

I met a slave yesterday. He’s quite fragile, a real heart attack waiting to happen. Unfortunately he didn’t use all of his brain cells, or he was too busy wanking it to pay attention, because he put his real name as his yahoo ID.

I did my mandatory search on google, just to verify he wasn’t known for being a real asshole. As it turns out there it is, a whole bunch of personal info about him. I’m kinda tempted to post the info right here on this blog, along with his contact information, because hey if anyone does a search on him that he knows personally this blog would show up. I wouldn’t mind humiliating him like that after the way he behaved. I’m worried I’ll send him into shock and he’ll experience cardiac arrest. I don’t think his old ticker could take it.

He was fine at first, very sweet and compliant, though his tributes were pathetic. I did manage to get my minimum from him, but he seemed quite offended by that. Don’t know what he was thinking playing around with the big girls like me, he must have been expecting I was some cheap whore. Aside from that though he was fine, that is until he thought I was going to blackmail him. Well, I wasn’t sure if I should or not, I mean after all he didn’t really give me “permission” to, so I just played it off as if I would, and I showed him that I could. The power is the important thing here. However, he freaked out like a big baby and said he wanted to stop. I could have emptied his bank account, but that wasn’t what I was going for. I just wanted to feel the adrenaline from having so much power over him.

He was referring to me as God of course. He realized he was just a lowly servant put on earth to sacrifice and submit for me. I love being a Goddess and having my way. I knew he was weak, that I could mindfuck the hell out of him and have everything I wanted. I made him stay home instead of pick up his wife from the airport. That was fun. They live in Long Beach, so I know it’s not as if he can’t afford the pathetic $100.00 I took from him. His selfish attitude has really started to bother me, and the fact that I told him he only had to write me two simple things and he’d be released from my hold and he refused to do so. I’m starting to think he really wants me to blackmail him. If he doesn’t then he’s behaving quite stupidly about it.

After I called him at his house this morning and found him watching TV instead of doing God’s work I was a bit peeved. After all, if he has time to sit on his ass and watch the television he should be writing for me. I do have a poem he wrote. I think it’s great. I’ll share it with you!

He wrote me my own poem so that I could keep his private one from being exposed to the world and possibly exposing him to his family.

Perfect Posh

Pleasing Posh is my only purpose
Everything I own is hers to take
Resisting Posh is a useless exercise
From which submission is the sole escape
Everything I know amounts to nothing
Controlling me, she tells me what is true
That truth is all I want to know.
Praying from my heart for mercy
opens her benevolent ear
Some small tenderness within her
Hears me and takes away my fears.

He wasn’t very happy that I had this poem of his. Poor Ronny, he’s going to be so lonely when his wife finds out about everything he’s been doing. I tried to give him a chance to make it up to me and to write the prayer and letter, but he just won’t do it. I guess that means he’s aching to be punished.

I know he’s nothing more than a weak, helpless lost soul who needs guidance and discipline. He needs Me to use him, he needs to serve Me, he needs to make Me happy always. I’m going to make sure he’s doing just that.

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