Pockets Full of Puppets

Just feel like gloating about how amazing life is. I wake up every day to puppets that worship and adore me, such as Robotoine who daily is making sure he lets me know how much he worships me either with a tribute, gift, or obedience… and it’s not just Robotoine but many boys that daily are in worship of me and seeking to provide to me pleasure and happiness through their service, mostly of the financial kind. I have absolutely no worries. I spend my time doing whatever I want, whenever I want. And I am VERY spoiled to this. I could never go to another lifestyle, this is what I am accustomed to. I wouldn’t be able to adjust to having to use my time for other people, that is for the LOWLY in life such as YOU. Your time is actually MY time, it’s under MY control, and you do with it what I want. Because you’re a slave. You have the burden of keeping up a vanilla appearance and slaving away in your career while I am out spending the money you earn and using my time to lounge in LUXURY. It’s a beautiful thing I have and you have a beautiful thing as well, having that image of me pampered and elevated so much above you, spoiled and living so happily to keep you constantly inspired and motivated. I am the Goddess and you are so far beneath me.

Trampling all over you boys for my own personal gain is one of my favorite pastimes. I see nothing wrong with treating you as a stepping stool, just something for me to stand on and elevate myself higher in life. You’re here to be used by me as a tool for MY wealth. As long as my tool is performing the proper function it will remain MY tool, but if the day should ever come that MY tool no longer can perform, it will no longer be MY tool.. it will just be a tool. A pointless, useless, no good, send to the dump, TOOL that NOBODY wants! I don’t like broken things, do you? That’s why it’s important you work hard and do whatever it takes to make sure that I have everything I want from you. I’m always keeping you motivated to make MORE money because I always want MORE money, and my puppet knows his place is to provide it to me. A good TOOL will always do it’s job.

I love that I can just reach into my pocket full of puppets and yank one of you out and say.. I want this item from my wishlist or I want this cash for shopping .. and my puppet will respond immediately with sending whatever it is I wanted. I don’t even have to demand it of him, or give it as an order. I simply have to say.. I WANT.. when I want I get.. and all of you helpless puppets are programmed to respond exactly that way. Once I’m done with one I stuff it back in and pull out another, because it’s never enough for Me. If I went shopping and spent only $300 I’d demand it in return from at least 3 of my pets. I always do. So I’ll walk away after shopping with even more money than before I went shopping! My puppets have no choice, they are all wired the same, to OBEY. It doesn’t matter what the other puppets are doing, you see. It doesn’t matter if they have sent me a little or a lot of tributes and gifts because that doesn’t effect what I will want from YOU. I want what I want however I want it from whoever I want it from when I want it. As a POSH PUPPET that is programmed to provide, you will not resort to such things as “well so and so sent you $5,000 just yesterday so I can be less generous today” or “well I sent you $5,000 yesterday so what are the other puppets going to do?” …neither is acceptable because you are nothing more than MY TOOL here to perform for me as I see fit. What the other tools are doing or not doing is NOT YOUR CONCERN. This is something a lot of you drones seem to get hung up on. Even when you’re all just a puppet,tool, toy, object, slave, pet for ME  you still can’t help but be immature at times. It distracts from the main reason you are here, from your true purpose. You must remained focused on pleasuring ME, making ME happy, and obeying me without focusing that mind on anything or anyone else.  The important thing is you are a puppet in my pocket, when I pull you out to put you to use, you perform.


Strings around her muppets

Pockets full of puppets

Cash is cash is falling all around


Mmm hmm this is the life I live. It’s a REAL thing. People are so shocked by it, but in reality everybody in some form or other has experienced financial domination. It’s funny how surprised people are when they hear I actually do absolutely nothing other than being myself and here I have grown, educated, intelligent men bending at the knee in honor of me begging to send me cash. It’s not the fact that I have a large group of men that worship me which surprises people, those who have known me forever have always known I would be a woman that had men following her in adoration but it’s the fact that there are people who enjoy giving their money away to a woman and that there is an entire sub-culture devoted to it that shocks people. But again I don’t know why that is surprising when we see it in some form or another almost daily in society. It’s just much more subtle and hidden. While we on the other hand are much more blatant about our intent. I don’t hide it. I want a man to work hard for me, to work hard to show he appreciates my value and that he wants to contribute to my wealth, luxury and happiness by giving me everything I want. I want him to sacrifice everything so that I can always have more. Not only do I want this, but I have experienced it again and again. My puppets are very good to me. I have trained them well. They know how to treat a Goddess. But I am not satisfied yet, I want MORE .. you are the one I want to use RIGHT NOW. Yes YOU.


I know you see that outstretched hand, and I know it instantly becomes apparent to you what you are meant to do. CLICK AND SPEND. SEND MY CASH. Place it into my open hand and be a good boy for me.

Place My Money In My Hand  (TRIBUTE)

Financial Domination Goddess Posh


Good boy. When I say I want it what do you do but GIVE IT. No choice. So easy. No control. Helpless. Wants to OBEYYYYY. Wants to PLEASURE. Wants to be ABUSED for Goddess. I’ll accept your devotion today in the form of cash and/or a gift card. I want both. Gift cards go to thevenussway@gmail.com & cash can be sent as a paypal or niteflirt or clips4sale tribute. I make it so easy for you to obey by giving you so many ways to submit to my desires.

Oh and you have to wait longer for Joy Ride now because of poshatized puppet irritating me over it.

Goddess Posh

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my apologies to You and the other boys for mentioning Joy Ride. Last thing i want is to irritate You.

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Oh Goddess , thank you so much for these words, it is so true, these words are a gift for us, and i am so proud to see my name in the post, yes it’s true i daily think about you, worship you on on your shrine and , oh yes we always need to give you more, you need luxury, slave just need to serve, i don’t remember my life before you but i remember life was empty! now it is 4 years i spend time on knees for you and i know it is the good purpose for… Read more »