Pleasure Powder Financial Domination Fetish Fantasy Clip

Pleasure Powder Financial Domination Fetish Fantasy Clip


Finally! A new file for you addicts. And I know you’re going to snatch it up, since it’s the first new one in a while and oh yea.. it’s ME.. MY voice, MY brainwash style that many have tempted to mimic and have failed miserably at doing so, and of course my infamous venom and wicked creativity make this a very, very awesome file! It will mindfuck you, entice you, excite you, drag you deep into a trance and leave you there to be pumped full of triggers!

Pleasure Powder .. go ahead, snort it up, I’ll cut the lines for you even..


This is an AUDIO file.. It’s format is m4v because clips4sale and clipvia do not sell mp3 format files. (click on the photo to get to the file..)


Pleasure powder explores the sci-fi fantasy world. Me, the strong powerful woman and you the weak helpless victim, strapped down.. no way out.. completely under my control and here I go and decide to take advantage of your situation … of course you’ll have to pay for your bad behavior so I decide to convert you into a Posh zombie using special nano technology … forcing you to snort the white powder … the pleasure powder.. and when you start to feel so relaxed and good I begin to tell you exactly what that powder was made of.. and how fucked you now are.. because your brain is in the process of being completely converted by the Posh nanobots! Mwahahah….

Weird? Ya but you love it. I know you do. You’re into it, and you want it. Admit it. It’s different and it’s what you need. To be completely taken over, and if force is necessary it will be used! It’s exactly what you need, a hypnosis file that makes your mind feel as if it’s being controlled by me ALL of the time.. you lose all control but you gain freedom and that rush.. that intense rush you get when spiraling out of control.


I can empty your wallet and turn your mind to complete mush! Just ask John, he always tries to escape, but instead he ends up being squeezed even tighter in my hand.. you should see his poor little head, it’s about to pop off. If he tries to leave one more time.. I’m worried it just might do that!


Or perhaps you can ask Poshy Fool who has been serving me since 2009. He has tried to escape as well, many times, but he is never able to. Now that I have him on my personal cell line, I can text him whenever I please and his mind is completely warped by me so he always responds and always obeys. I’m all he can think of and since we’ve exchanged numbers he hasn’t tried to run even once. .. or if he did I didn’t notice, because I kept texting him anyway..


If you’re a good boy I share my cell number with you and we can text …. but very few boys ever get that privilege. You have to be trust worthy for me to even begin to think about it. Even though Poshy Fool flaked on me by running away a few times in the past he’s always been a good mindfucked drone for me. He says he’s not even into financial slavery, but every time I’m ready for cash he hands it over to me. Mmmm.. just like that. Cash, placed into my hand or in my account, and it’s all mine. Mmm I get so excited when I think about all of that money piling up. OMG, I must get more, I must have more. It’s simply never enough.


I want MORE!




You can find my financial domination fetish clips on or at .. I also have some available for sale on and you can call me too.. my voice is sure to leave you completely FUCKED.

Goddess Posh

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