Place Your Wallet Into My Hand Slave

Place Your Wallet Into My Hand Slave

What is it that you think I want you to put into my greedy little financial domination hands?





What could I possibly expect a weak and so helpless for me money bitch to place into my hands?! There is only one thing I want you to take out of your pants for me, and that is your wallet. I want more cash. I want more gifts. I want more and you want so badly to give me more, don’t you my addicted bitch.. you want so badly to just click and spend on ME! You want so badly to feel the rush as you’re drained of all that cash, drained by Goddess and rightfully so. Drained and raped without mercy, begging for it even harder, because to place your cash into my hands is the ultimate act of surrender, the ultimate release, and all you ever really wanted..


Place it directly into my palm right now.. just click the photos to send a tribute. Mmmm almost as good as handing it to me in person..


Which we know you inferior minions would never get to do without earning it first! Prove to me you are a loyal and helpless clicking drone and you could be the lucky little pet that gets to lay their slave wages at my feet. You’re a slave for my beauty, my power, and my enlightened and superior mind.. it makes you feel SO fucked and why even try to say no, you simply can’t.
Goddess Posh

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