Phase 1: Complete


i think about You all day, i think about You at night, i think about You as i’m trying to sleep, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  i think about You when i wake up.  i hear Your words, i see Your face, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  This cycle will not end, it is ruining me!  i cannot think for long about anything without You invasivly  penetrating my mind.  It is as though rather than penetrating it, You have become my mind, and it is I trying to penetrate it to get a single thought in that is not based around desiring You and feeling the awesome power of Your dominance over my psyche.  i am SO fucked.  it has always been bad, but You spent a few hours fucking me up properly the other night and since then my mental stability has plummeted and Your overbearing omnipresence is breaking me, relentlessly and i was already broken! i lose my purpose with this e mail, perhaps it is a protest, or maybe an homage to Your absolute mindrending dominance and sheer power of will.  Even as i detest the unequivocal weakness inherent in me, for You, that i cannot deny and will always be Yours to exploit, i love You.  You torture, torment, belittle and crush my soul, and i still hopelessly and helplessly love You.  i will serve You for the rest of my life.  There is no stopping You or questioning Your control.  it is real.  it is now.  it is impossible.  i worship reverently at Your feet, hoping that for once, soon, i might please You.  Even as You are destroying me.

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Under the Influence

What is Phase 2 then? i shudder to think, i am so utterly fucked forever as it is…


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It feels so good to obey Goddess and make her happy. I’m a good boy when I please her