Phase 1: Complete


i think about You all day, i think about You at night, i think about You as i’m trying to sleep, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  i think about You when i wake up.  i hear Your words, i see Your face, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  This cycle will not end, it is ruining me!  i cannot think for long about anything without You invasivly  penetrating my mind.  It is as though rather than penetrating it, You have become my mind, and it is I trying to penetrate it to get a single thought in that is not based around desiring You and feeling the awesome power of Your dominance over my psyche.  i am SO fucked.  it has always been bad, but You spent a few hours fucking me up properly the other night and since then my mental stability has plummeted and Your overbearing omnipresence is breaking me, relentlessly and i was already broken! i lose my purpose with this e mail, perhaps it is a protest, or maybe an homage to Your absolute mindrending dominance and sheer power of will.  Even as i detest the unequivocal weakness inherent in me, for You, that i cannot deny and will always be Yours to exploit, i love You.  You torture, torment, belittle and crush my soul, and i still hopelessly and helplessly love You.  i will serve You for the rest of my life.  There is no stopping You or questioning Your control.  it is real.  it is now.  it is impossible.  i worship reverently at Your feet, hoping that for once, soon, i might please You.  Even as You are destroying me.

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Broken Soul
11 years ago

What is Phase 2 then? i shudder to think, i am so utterly fucked forever as it is…

11 years ago

Absolutely amazing series of clips!!! You will be a devoted and willing slave after these clips! Do not hesitate to buy them! Do it now!!!!

11 years ago

It feels so good to obey Goddess and make her happy. I’m a good boy when I please her