Passionately Draining your Slave Wages

Enjoying yourself? Yeah I know you are, once again you’re back here right. Who doesn’t enjoy a good does of Posh mindfuck? I know you must be lost in ‘omg my head is going to explode from being soooooo overwhelmed’ space, overwhelmed by the power and perfection of your amazing Goddess.

How lovely it is for you that I have so many options available with which your eager little money slave fingers can click and spend on. See MONEY SLAVE your job is to pamper me, provide for me, love me, adore me, worship me, cater to my every desire and of course never are you to ever piss off the Queen.

Once in a while after I have a particularly creative or prolific phase I receive comments and questions about how I manage to have the time to create such a vast empire of financial domination wallet rape enticement.. the questioner always concluding that I have a true passion for dominating men and their wallets.

That is exactly correct. It is a passion of mine to mindfuck, brainwash, and wallet rape financial slaves. I love to turn men into my hungry for more debt money machines. It is such a turn on for me to know that you are compelled to pleasure me. And this passion I have excites you, it brings your own feelings to life and drives you out of control for me.

Being your Goddess earns me money, but it’s not a job in the traditional sense. I didn’t make my career financial domination, I made that my lifestyle. And as such it is a major part of my life so of course I not only do not mind building onto my empire and sharing my amazing creative energy with you puppets, but I actually enjoy it!

I enjoy putting my thoughts into action and seeing those actions rewarded. I might have a creative moment where I can pull out many projects in one month and then for three months you scarcely see me blog. Just remember when this happens I am still behind the scenes raping all of those pets who are so very loyal to me. Even if the blogging stopped and clips stopped I’d still have MY toys. My toys are able to provide for me for a very long time without me ever having to worry financially.

I am set. So, I have no need to create more material. When I do it’s because I love it.

Since I am obviously superior to you and much more enlightened to the way things ought to be, I suggest you show appreciation for my creative and mind blowing financial domination “mindfuck you” gifts which are all over this website and the web..

Posh Radio .. Premium VIP Access .. 24/7 POSH BRAINWASHING & live radio shows. This is the sort of thing a true addict will drink up!

Posh Messiah’s Little Money Slave Trap… do you know how hard it is to stop clicking once you start? Go find out.

Two gifts right there, made through my Goddess energy, are ready to be used up and appreciated by you.. yes YOU.. I know how obsessed you are. I know how much you think about me. I know how often you are here. I see and know all about you, and you can not hide or run or escape. You are a toy, and you will be played with by ME however I want.

Right now I want you to kiss my perfect Goddess ass in total appreciation for all that I’ve done. I am so generous to allow my talents and gifts to guide you in true financial slavery. What a beautiful and giving creature I am eh..

Goddess Posh

Ps. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day worshiping the ground I walk on and showing me that appreciation $$$$ .. send giftcards to right now weakling.

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Under the Influence

You are such an adorable Money Domme that it is almost impossible to not love You. Everyone of Your slaves should behave like the one You describe with these warm words; and i wish i could learn soon to be like this special pet. i fullheartedly adore how he puts You really in the center of his whole life. You so deserve to have him. For others (and i believe being one other) the world outside Your wonderful empire may sometimes influence their thinking too much how to serve You best instead of simply obey and live up to Your… Read more »

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

thank you Goddess Posh for this long post, reading yours words it s always like reading holy words! it s because you’re a Goddess, a true one and we are penitents on knees ! of course I agree your loyal slave description, and I hope become and learn to be like him. I am so lucky and proud to be one yours financial slave.

Under the Influence

I am so glad Goddess Posh felt suitably worshipped on Valentine’s day. It is truly an honor simply being allowed the privilege to shop for her. I long for the day when every day is a day of adoration and worship to Goddess Posh by every man. She is truly a Queen and we must work work work to spoil pamper and pleasure every moment of her day.