Overcoming Financial Domination – A Subs Demise

Overcoming Financial Domination – A Subs Demise

Overcoming Financial Domination – A Response

When first I saw Goddess Posh on You Tube years ago now, I had no idea what would happen. I’d been a voyeur, a fantasist, a fetishist. Psychologically, the scheming femme fatale tempting a man into ruin was immensely arousing to me. Confident, alluring, dangerously sexy women who teased men and rejected them, after watching them writhe in torment trying to please them, turned me on.

The media exposure I had to this goes back to childhood. From Disney movies where I wanted so badly for the Wicked Queen or Witch to succeed in their evil plans, or to scenes of Madonna emulating Monroe, surrounded by dozens of male dancers handing over their cash, as she moved through and among them – a vision in pink, blonde curls and dangerous curves. She brushed them off, for she was the Material Girl. I reacted to that. I saw others react to it and attempt to deny it. I couldn’t! Why pretend you are not aroused when you so obviously are deeply so? In movies, Linda Fiorentino in the Last Seduction is about the only femme fatale who gets away with it. Awesome! That’s what I am talking about.

Here on You Tube was this vision, blonde hair, blue hypnotic eyes, a perfectly innocent, angellic beauty – pure. A sensuous, seductive, ensnaring voice, dolcet tones coercively seducing the listener into submission. The consummate femme fatale. I fell in love, lust and into abject desire to worship. I made contact.

Initially, Goddess Posh took a lot of pleasing and I so badly wanted to please her. Giving in and surrendering was such a release from the intellectualised, hard reality of my life. Losing myself in a psychological fugue, as I let this cruel and perfect creature expose my every mental and emotional weakness was bliss. Until the demands became too great and I tried to run.

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