Open That Wallet & Max That Card on Financial Domination Sensation Goddess Posh

Wow what an amazing month of financial domination draining it has been! My paypets have really been enjoying the one on one mindfucks and wallet rapes that I’ve so generously given to them. Those of you who have failed to impress me with your service and who have been neglected should learn from their behavior and you too could be rewarded with personal time with Me. Which is invaluable. A moment of MY time is worth more than your life, so for me to share it with you just shows how generous of a Goddess I truly am!

Many people claim to the be the religions of others.. they act as a cult leader or the Messiah to their flock, but I don’t have to claim it. I just AM it.

I have updated with two new clips this month, which I know is amazing, because it had been two months since the last one. Of course those of you who worship at MY Femdom altar have continued your service to me, realizing Financial Domination is not about fetish clips. Worshiping at MY altar is soooo easy too, it’s so natural, and all you want to do is click and spend and provide LUXURY and pleasure to ME. It’s your job to make MY life as stress free as it can be through YOUR sacrifice.

Remember, if it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t count! Your money has no value until it is in MY hands. Your life also is of NO value until it is being used to service ME.

New clips:

Seductive Entrapment

Obsession is Easy

I’m also going to allow my pet from Norway to come visit me for some real time financial domination wallet draining and pampering, as well as a few other more PRIVATE things .. isn’t he SO lucky. In fact he didn’t think I was serious but now he will read it in my journal and see in fact I AM serious. I know it’s a dream come true to be able to serve ME in the flesh, but it can and will take place for this boy!

I love to rape weak men of the cash they work for. Being a paypig is exciting isn’t it! What a rush you must feel every time you log into your bank account and see the balance being depleted and knowing the funds are going directly to your amazing Queen! You are here to provide to MY financial desires, no matter HOW greedy I get! I deserve to be greedy. I am THE Goddess after all!

If you haven’t stepped up enough lately then you know what to do. Open that wallet and max that card, I want MORE. It’s time we victimize your wallet, again!

Goddess Posh

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9 years ago

Read a new post on your blog make me so much happy, i always drink your words and clips (last one is currently downloading, mmm) You know i am so addicted to you and so proud to be your slave… antoine