Oh What Have you Done..

I’m not big on blackmail, I avoid it with those who ask for it, and I have only truly blackmailed someone once. That was Paul, I made him give me all of the money he had left, the money which was keeping him afloat as a way to ‘stop’ me from contacting his lady, and even after he did that the very next night I sent an email to her.

I knew she wouldn’t leave him, she’s old and she needs him to feel young. He’s only 31 (I think..) and she’s somewhere around 50. Which admittedly is not that old, but compared to him it is. He lives in England, we’ve never met, we only talk online. I’ve heard his voice rarely, he’s featured in my clip “ultimate mindfuck” where I bring him into a deep state of submission and once again take everything he has.He really doesn’t have much, he’s poor actually, which makes it so much more fun to take what he does have.

To wrap this up, Paul was online last night, he’s away on business. He has an online book store, and his girlfriend, who by the way is married and lives in Germany and won’t let him move in with her (hahaha), has access to his business email account. Paul left last night on an okay note, but I wasn’t ecstatic. Because I wasn’t ecstatic I figured I would get him into trouble with the old bitch, and hopefully get rid of her once and for all. She doesn’t know me by the email address I mailed this from, and since she lives in Germany & he is in England I figured it would be even more reason for her to believe what I say. I get some satisfaction from Pauls horror and knowing that his cock will be raging hard as he reads this while his mind is screaming no..

Here is the screenshot, which I know you will all enjoy:


And for MY financial pleasure I present two new clips:


I will be here tonight online shopping, there are some things from overseas that I must have. As well as planning my next trip, yes, this one I am actually planning vs just getting up to go. I’ll be logged in on yahoo and niteflirt, you know what that means..

Goddess Posh

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