Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice!

Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice!

Those of you who have yet to voyage into VIP territory but continue to OBSESS on MY every single word and action are going to be so delighted to hear that my newest clip, Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice, is available not just to the VIP but to the public as well! This is a RARE opportunity for the curious and the HUNGRY to get a peek into my world, where you will undoubtedly be taken away by my greedy whims and swept up under my hypnotic spell. This is just one step of many into MY world.. where submissive men find their purpose in pampering me, providing to me, worshiping me, adoring me, serving me, aching for me.. HURTING for me.. This is just the first of many clicks you will helplessly, mindlessly, make for me. My videos are the artistic reflection of my superior GODDESS mind and they double as a MIND CONTROL tool meant to shape you into a money drone set on GIVE MORE to GODDESS POSH.

You want to collect all of my videos, they are so special to you. You love how unique I am. My style is so cute and powerful, and classy and sweet yet cruel and calculated, terrifyingly prophetic, so talented with my words you get wrapped up in them like a safe warm bed only to find yourself in a sticky web.. trapped, prey, helpless, about to be served up as a meal for MY financial lust.. but you love it, I make you love it, because look at MY gorgeous face and my stunning eyes.. they make your mind so mushy.. yesssss this is why you want to collect all of my videos.. there is nobody and nothing like me…. it’s good to be addicted to Goddess, it’s good to want to have all of my videos..it wouldn’t be right to not have the entire collection. Besides you want your mind completely filled with MY words, MY doctrine, MY philosophy, MY mindfuck, MY brainwash.. you want to be under the influence of The Venus Sway.. mmm it feels so good to open up a video and lose yourself to it.. letting your mind drift off and I implant those sweet triggers of mine.

Triggers get pulled and boom money gets deposited. That’s how it works puppet. You have no choice, I say GIVE and you say YES GODDESS and you GIVE. If you want to LIVE in My world you’ll need to GIVE of yourself.. FULLY $$$$.


Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice! (8 minute Financial Domination video clip)

I want you to love it that I abuse you for my own pleasure, so you will. I want you to crave being my wallet rape victim, and so you will. I want you to kneel and worship with your wallet out, which means you will! Because puppet you have no choice. Fate has designated you to this path where you are addicted to suffering for MY pleasure.




I’m looking at you, thinking about what a weak boy you are for me. And I’m expecting you to hand over that cash, serve my financial lust, and submit to my greed. I’m waiting, expecting you to give in. I know you won’t deny me the cash that is mine. It’s meant to be in MY purse, so I can go out shopping with your money while you stay at work earning more. That’s how I’m looking at you. Like I know you have it for me. I know you’re holding onto MY money. Hand it over now, bitch. OBEY by sending MY money, you already know how.

Puppet, time to SPEND. Go to my wish list and buy me a gift I really want, there are so many to choose from. I’ve been nice enough to keep my list FULL of MY WANTS! I know you can’t resist fulfilling MY desires. I made you that way.

Time to drain that wallet, all on MY greed.. I love to do pay2view wallet rapes on niteflirt. Send me a message, but don’t expect one back without there being a PRICE attached!

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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