Financial Domination Sensation

Oh Alan ..(edit )

What would your boss say now? I know he is monitoring your computer usage and making sure you aren’t visiting my ‘pornographic’ website while you’re at work. I think I need to have a little talk with him, how dare he assume that my site is porn. I can find his contact information online, maybe I’ll just call your little secretary and ask her- she seemed a little offended last time I called. Your whole office is way too uptight.

Really he ought to learn how to respect your deep need of all things Posh. Its ludicrous for him to act as if anything between us is sexual, as you and I both know you are on CHASTITY & I have zero sexual interest in  you. I purely enjoy taking your money and making you suffer, while you belong on your knees worshiping me. Very simple concept and one that I will have to drill into his closed-minded head.

He is going to have to learn that I am your one and only BOSS. If he wants you to follow orders they will have to go through ME first.

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Broken Soul
Broken Soul

Goddess Posh has left me penniless after two years of exploitation. She is the most stunning and beautiful financial dominant. She has gradually assumed control of my life, removing the details She disliked. Now i am destitute and a few days away from being taken to court for not paying bills. i’m still giving Her everything i can spare. i can’t resist even though i know She only laughs at me and tolerates me to see how much suffering Her actions have inflicted in this little project She calls my life.

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