Obviously Superior Financial Domme

Obviously Superior Financial Domme

I’ve been accepting your Goddess worship obsession calls on Niteflirt .. lucky you I plan to keep my phone lines on all week. To be able to call your Goddess and express your devotion, love, loyalty and true adoration & worship for me is an opportunity any GOOD drone would not want to miss out on. You want to be a GOOD BOY and always OBEY and always SERVE Goddess don’t you.. so call me on niteflirt and tell me all about it or maybe just listen to me as I gloat about my obvious superiority and laugh and laugh as I drain your money away..
Call Perfectly Posh for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

My money right..

You have no control over it. You have no hold on it. You might think you have control. You might think you get to choose where that money goes and which buttons to click.. but it’s simply an illusion I allow you to keep. Because watching you fall and tumble again and again, watching as you trip all over yourself trying to remain in control.. watching as you get all tangled up in the puppet strings I hold.. well it can be kinda amusing and get me all tingly inside.

Sadistic pleasure for Goddess.. yes you do want to provide that with your pain. Your mental turmoil as you give in again and again completely addicted and unable to stop me from draining EVERYTHING from you. I put you onto automatic for me.. must hurt for Goddess, must provide pleasure to Goddess, must suffer for HER!!

Who comes first?

Clip Updates:

Destined to Fall







Aren’t I so enchanting.. the way the morning sun glistens in my eyes as I gaze down at you and lull you deep into a trance with my beautiful voice.. it’s the voice you just can’t stop listening to.. each word an intoxication to your mind.. and you can’t help but to fall.. fall for Goddess. You’re destined to fall .. destined to serve.. destined to be MINE. 12:45 M4V






My Breast Persuasion
Goddess Posh Cleavage

The succulent flesh of my amazing cleavage makes your boy brain go all mushy and silly for me doesn’t it.. all you want to do is stare at the motion of my hands as they press against the beautiful flesh that drops you to your knees & weakens your will so … you just can’t resist My breast persuasion.

brainwash financial domination breast worship


Mindfucked in a Minute 5: Dripping in Desire

Goddess Posh Mindfucked in a Minute 5

Clipvia: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com


You can also buy the first five in the Mindfucked in a Minute series as a bundle on niteflirt:



Goddess Posh

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