new clip new clip!

new clip new clip!

What are my intentions with you?

To exploit, manipulate and control. To take CASH, to bury you in debt, insecurities and lust. To drive you into fits of uncontrollable splurging, spending & submission.

This is perfectly clear when you read my journal, view my website, and speak with me. It seems that some are confused and expect me to perform services for them, to cater to their will, just because I am on niteflirt and have gorgeous breasts. These boys are slightly amusing, but in the end, I want to make sure the rest of you realize that it is really truly all about my sadistic needs and your masochistic ones. Its all about my lust for money, my desire to use seduction as a tool to dominate you, and your inability to stop me from taking control. Do not think I am here as a pseudo-domme on niteflirt to cater to your BDSM fantasies and provide you with orgasm release. I am a FINANCIAL DOMINANT!

Preying on how badly you want more of me, and knowing how addicted and weak you are, I thought it would be pretty amusing to create a collage of clips you’ve already seen before. That’s right, I’ve silenced them and took bits and pieces of things you’ve already paid for, stuffed it into one clip and recorded a very sexy enchanting and tempting dialogue over it. It’s all about how you have no self-control, because even though you’ve already paid for these clips before, you’re too weak to stop yourself from paying again. I know you’re longing to hear exactly what I have to say, dieing to feel my voice rip through your consciousness and leave you begging for more. You’ll end up on your knees at the end, ready to obey every command I give. The clip is still uploading and will be available in 45 minutes! I know you’re so anxious, but releasing this blog before it was finished gave me even more of a thrill, I love knowing you’re suffering and that these 45 minutes will feel like a lifetime to you. Time will go by much faster if you spend it spoiling me, so get to it my puppets and pets.

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