Never Enough Posh

Yes, MY Birthday was EVERYTHING fabulous as was expected. I had a busy weekend at an out of town wedding that was beautiful, followed up by my BIRTHDAYYYYY, and I have also been playing host to my mom. I took the time to make two new clips tonight, knowing you were feeling poshy deprived, hence your jump to the Gamblers Studio where you hoped upon hope that you would be able to quench your thirst for me. Did it work my poor little junkies? Did you get your fix? …

You can NEVER get enough Posh.
Financial Domination Goddess MindFuck

Is there a line between Financial Domination and Addiction/Obsession? For some financial domination is purely the act of giving money to a powerful beautiful woman. It can become more evolved to include her CONTROLLING his finances, from how he spends his extra income to what bills he pays and when. Essentially she is an accountant with her OWN financial lust being satisfied and his need to be dominated is fulfilled. Some are realistic and reasonable and make sure their slaves can still eat and keep shelter, and others are sadist and are after that big fat kill- the hunt matters not so much to these. I believe these types of money slaves are few and far between. Like any group of people there are diffences between us all, and I for one hope we learn to embrace that in each other.

 For myself I am very much connected with those who look to develope a relationship of Domination/submission based on the MENTAL aspects. One in which their mind becomes a playing field for me to mold and model into the perfect pay puppet. I love having obsessed, loyal and brainwashed men at my disposal. I adore being so loved, cherished and OBEYED. I live for it, but is it really financial domination? I think it’s more the fact that I am amazing, I am the golden Goddess and you boys have no choice BUT to lavish me in money, gifts and adoration.

Everything I do speaks of my power. Every clip I make weakens you to MY mind control. Every word I type seduces you into a humble  position. When you feel how special I am, when my essence surrounds you, when my domination makes you dizzy and you feel the adrenaline pumping through your body .. you know, I am the ONE you live for. I am the ONE you were made to serve and everything I have ever wanted shall be MINE no matter what you have to do to get it to me. THAT is MY financial domination.

Check out my GIVE ME WHAT I WANT wishlist. I have NEW items I MUST have and since you adore me so you will gladly buy it for me, won’t you addict..


A Special Treat (Poshy Clip)

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puppet david
puppet david

First I would like to say that i believe that Goddess is the last great American poet, her words are like music calling me to her drawing me closer, her every thought is poetry !!! On Financial Domination…. it was never really my main thing just a byproduct of falling for Posh and wanting to worship/please her. I have fallen so the money just follows. My fetish is more about the seduction and falling in love, and having my mind warped/brainwashed. Then i will just do what the love of my life wants … if that means worship great if… Read more »


I tried to escape the hold Goddess Posh has over me. It was impossible and she knew it. Everyday without her was torture. In the beginning all I did was sweat after a few days I literally had the shakes. It was impossible to stay away. She is all powerful.

Now I’m back where I belong, underthe control of Goddess Posh eagerly buying and watching her video, again and again. Each time I watch her power grows stronger.


I crossed a line today. I always thought, “this is just a game. I can stop whenever I want. No little 26 year old woman is really that powerful.” I WAS WRONG. I woke up today with a strong desire to send Goddess a tribute. In the past I would have fought the urge. Today, something told me not to fight, I was helpless. Now I realize, everything Posh said would happen is coming true. She was smarter than me. She is much too powerful for me. She owns my soul and everyday, I just become more of a Posh… Read more »