My Toy

My Toy

You all long to be close to me, to feel as if you’re a part of my life, a person who matters to me. I know you yearn to feel that deep down inside you are the one I care about.

Every single one of you profess your love to me daily.

Really, think hard. Do you think all those times when I’ve coaxed you into giving up your cash, when I’ve betrayed you to your friends and family, when I’ve brushed you off, laughed at you, humiliated you, and forced you into doing degrading and unrefined things that I cared about you, for even one split second?

Let’s face reality.

You are a toy, you are here to entertain me, amuse me and while you are my toy I will cherish you, but you won’t be anything more than that. I will never be in love with you, I will never marry you, I will never make love with you. You are just like the rest of my toys, I take you out when I’m ready to play, and when I’m done I fling you across the room until next time. The smack of your body against my wall, the thud as you crash to the floor, the breaking of your heart as you realize you’re nothing more than an used up entertainment device unleashes my own sadistic lust. I love tormenting you, bringing you up and knocking you down, until you can’t figure out which way is here, and where is there. You’re lost and confused, and only I have the power to bring you back to reality.

Do not mistake buying a clip as an opportunity to get close to me. It is only the chance for you to watch me over and over again as you deepen your addiction. If my clips do not inspire you to do what is right, and that is pleasing me financially, than you will not be granted the permission to speak with me. I am not here to field your compliments, one after the other about how absolutely stunning & perfect my clips are. Instead, I am here to play with my toys.

You want to get close to me, don’t you? I know you do. You want to feel like you’re special to me, important, a small role in my life- then you will accept you are my toy and I will do with you whatever I please. You will accept that I can destroy you, or I can merely play with you, but whatever happens is my decision. You want to be close to me, you want to be close to me, don’t you. Accept your role as my toy, my very special toy.

Growing up my favorite toy was a cash register, it would spit out MONEY to me. I think today my favorite toys are also those which spit out money to me. I suppose if you really want to be my favorite, most special toy ever than you’ll have to give me money too. That sounds good doesn’t it, it sounds so good that you’re anxiously waiting for the end of this post just so you can hurry and send me the MONEY that is mine. I’m cashing in boys, it’s time to live up to your role as my toy or disappear forever at the bottom of my toychest never to be played with again.


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