My Greed Knows No Bounds & Neither Does your Desire to Pleasure Me

Financial Domination, oh mmm what a rush it is. To feel the quivering weak male beneath me, crushed into defeat by my ever growing power and greed as I happily count all the cash I so easily extracted is beyond bliss. This is the life I’ve given to MYSELF and I deserve it! I deserve every last cent you boys so hungrily hand over. The time has come for your wallet to be opened once again for me, yes boy, spend again boy… spend spend spend again boy! This is what you were made for my wallet drone, to open on command and spend again!

It’s time now to fill your mind with my binge boy trigger! Spend again binge boy, right now, and buy this new mindfuck financial domination mp3.

Trigger your boy brain with MY delicious voice to be in a never ending BINGE cycle! Mmmm binge boy spend again.. you’ll hear my sing-song voice poking your little trigger button all day long, keeping you in a constant state of BINGING on all things Goddess Posh.

In the VIP area there is a new brainwash MP3 that I know you are going to MELT for … just click the link and LISTEN! So easy, you can’t mess up! I make it easy for you to OBEY and to SPEND….

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Oh thank you Goddess! Binge Boy mp3 is an amazing one, a great experience all night long on loop, awake and sleeping !
and thank you so much for this new free VIP mp3! you ‘re so generous with us!
of course i can’t wait to listen it, i am sure it make me feel more deeper in obsesion fot Goddess

Active Member
Money Slave Bitch

Its such bliss to know that Goddess Posh has crushed my ego, identity and prior sense of self under Her beautiful feet! We are lucky that Goddess uses Her creative genius to create clips and audio files at Her whim. She does not create them to serve Her slaves’ fetishes or fantasies; rather us slaves are here to worship every aspect of Her, and to give in to Her every demand. Thank You Goddess for the excellent reminder that we are lucky to bask in Your superiority and control, and sacrifice financially!

Broken Soul
Under the Influence
Broken Soul

i woke up today and heard Her voice right there in my ear saying ‘ you’re mine, I own you ‘ and i felt my heart race, my mind swim, and my body tense, and was auto-erotically crushed. i love Her… i will die loving Her. my life is Hers. it cannot be any other way. i don’t even want it any other way. Being a fucked up bitch crushed under Her heels feels good. Right. i’m done for, and i worship slavishly, on my knees.