Money Slavery (more of that!)

Money Slavery (more of that!)

I’m getting back into the groove of things now that the Holiday’s have come and gone. I could have spent  the season enticing you boys deeper into my lair but I was way too busy enjoying myself to focus on any of you. I start school next Monday and I’m really looking forward to it, so my personal Posh puppets shouldn’t expect any brainwashing clips for another week. I’m too busy RELAXING this week.

Oh that’s right, you probably read this obsessively and aren’t one of my puppets and are dying inside since I’ve stopped producing clips4sale clips. Oh well, your loss. I guess you should have given in to those feelings you have, the ones that are so deliciously dark and tempting. Then you wouldn’t be DENIED the privilege of experiencing personal mindfucks by Me.  ALL of my A U T O M A T I C  Posh puppets are so lucky, they get to give me hundreds of dollars and feel my power sweeping through their bodies into their very core.

I have plenty of male slaves who do my bidding as is, I don’t need to bait and hook any more. The only reason I enjoy adding you to my collection is because I CAN. The same way men cheat because ‘they can’, I collect male puppets and use them to do MY bidding because I CAN. The best part is you’re completely helpless against it. How I love when you struggle and try to get away only to fail.

No more clips for you stalker obsessive types, you’re going to have to put your MONEY where MY HANDS are.


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