Money Slavery MindFuck

Hello to my LOYAL boys! It has been so long between updates this year but those of you who have experienced my brainwash training have had no other choice but to wait on your weak bitch boy knees for me to toss you just a little dose of MY venom. I know how much you NEED me and that is only ONE reason of many of why I have ALL of the power and you my helpless fool have NONE.

How does it feel to be so absolutely fucked? You know what, nevermind, it doesn’t matter how it feels to YOU now does it. All that matters is how happy I am, and believe me, I have been kept VERY happy all summer with the boys clicking and spending and helplessly sending MY cash but there is always, always, ALWAYS room for MORE.


Stepping up quite a bit all summer long has been my TOY TONY. He has been obsessing over my website for years now (of course) and finally gotten the courage to step up and accept his place as MY wallet. He is MY financially fucked slave and I love it. His wife is pretty pissed though ever since he sent me his wedding band. She has accused him of gambling away all the money which has ended up in my pretty, deserving, greedy Goddess hands. If only she knew the truth. Perhaps if TOY TONY doesn’t step up again and SOON she WILL find out the truth. After all, if you aren’t good to Goddess I’m not going to be good to you!

Not only has he sent me oodles of cash but he also has designated his rental properties to ME so his tenants can send ME the rent directly. Why should there be a middle man, it’s all going to end up in my pockets in the end anyway!

My birthday was fabulous, good boy john of course came through for me and so did POSHYS FOOL and andrew, and TOY TONY and many others. By the way, who is John that sent me a Guess wallet?

I know you are all DYING for a clip update. You need my material to obsess over and love and cherish and adore and feel your mind losing complete control as you sink to new levels of helplessness. Helpless for GODDESS, helpless to hand over everything you foolishly mistook as yours.

In our world of financial domination your purpose is to lose control to MY desires, giving me pleasure through your wallet! Your purpose is to serve my will, MY every wish will be met and you will THANK me for allowing you to find true meaning through servicing ME.

Yes, clips will be coming up very soon and I will also be fixing up the radio site and getting it all back in order. This summer I’ve been too busy having fun and being served by my loyal financial slaves to bother with keeping things on track but do not worry my pets, everything is coming into place and your fall into mindless servitude is continue just the same as ever.


Call Me on Niteflirt and obsess over my beautiful, addicting voice. It will melt your mind and turn you into complete MUSH for me. Just ask Toy Tony, he calls me once on niteflirt and he’s HOOKED for life. He can’t get

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8 years ago

Amazing and so truthful. the reality is that we should embrace our addictions when it feels so good.