Money slavery is not a question. It is the answer.

Oh I love when they cry, especially after trying to be defiant. As if you could ever stay away from me, any of you. Once you speak to me, once you feel the pride of pleasing a true Goddess, you can never escape. In layman’s terms its like a drug, anyone can relate to that. But we know its much worse than a drug, much deeper than such a simple thing. We know its potent and irresistible, we know its MO mocks that of a virus, it adapts to your body, to your immunities and comes back harder and stronger every time. The best part being it weakens your defenses until you’re left without any and begin to crave it. I do like to kick you when you’re down, but you never really expect that from me no matter how many times I put you through it, and so you crumble again and again. You always fall for my innocent charms, my deceiving looks and end up right back where you belong, a heap of addicted subservience right at my feet. Your tears crash into the dust as you cower before me handing over everything that is mine . .

Money slavery is not a question. It is the answer.

As I eluded to in a previous post I have a few clips which have been made but are waiting to be released. Now rip your little credit cards out and jump for joy as Keeper Of Your Broken Soul has finally been released. Its not nearly as deep as it sounds. Really, its all about a certain slave of mine who thought he could get away and once again proved I was always right, and he was always wrong. I never use his name, but there are certain clues in the clip as to who he is (and I know if you pay attention you have picked up on it). I of course invite you to join in as I laugh at him, taunt and torture him, and give him a slow and steady mindfuck. Or is it you that I’m fucking over.. Only time will tell.

My first twitter post from July 24th: “Twitter is the new green pastures where sheep go seeking life only to find themselves decaying into nothingness. Alas, I have a death wish.“  That’s right, I am on twitter, I just haven’t broadcast it until this point. I rarely post twitter updates. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t work with my phone, and I really don’t see any reason to tweet all day. I have heard its a great place for networking, so let the networking begin.

Part of a conversation with a pet of mine, isnt it funny when they beg for you to be mean:

apunk: be mean with me pleaseeeeeee
goddess.posh: nope!
apunk: why not???
goddess.posh: Why would I give you what you ask for? Oh you silly boys and your requests
apunk: can You be really mean with me???
goddess.posh: I could be, yes.
goddess.posh: In fact, I think its mean that I don’t give you what you ask for
apunk: ohhh i seee
goddess.posh: Oh did you mean could I be mean in the sense that I yell and call you names?
goddess.posh: Oh no Molito, that is not my style
apunk: no no ….not meaning that
apunk: be Yourself..
goddess.posh: I am myself
goddess.posh: OMG
goddess.posh: I just realized I was being Lindsey Lohan this whole time

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