Money Slave for Life: The Series

I think you need a little training on how to be the perfect money slave, I think you need an intensive mind control experience right NOW and you can get it from this series. This series which was created just for YOU.. Money Slave for Life

I normally would want you to buy on clipvia but as the site is down right now you can purchase on clips4sale.

This series is five clips, one intro and four parts but a fifth part will also be released later this week. Part five is Goddess Posh is ALWAYS Right and will include brainwashing, & subliminal messages & images for your mind to get totally corrupted and lost to!

Go purchase the five part series and then report to me on your KNEES. Just in time for Halloween too, I am sure you have plenty of TREATS for me .. credit cards that need to be maxed, savings that need to be emptied, and paychecks that sit so much prettier in MY greedy Goddess hands than in your own.

VIP boys, you get the INTRO to that series, FREE! This is not actually free as I know you’ll then want to follow up with the whole series and I’m sure you’ll also then want to send in plenty of tributes, but.. you know how it is, ulterior motives and all that.

You’ll be able to access the clip via the forum. If you have yet to sign up you’ll be losing out..

Congratulations to David from Arizona (so many davids obsesssss over me) .. you made it up to two whole gifts from my amazon wishlist- wowwww we are all so impressed. Oh I bet you can do better than that, don’t let fear hold you back or that silly little thing called guilt. All that matters is MY happiness!

Also .. nickcover – I know you have it in you to impress me, and make me a VERY happy Goddess. I know you are a good boy & all you want is to see ME in luxury and pampered, since after all I am the superior Goddess and you are the inferior money slave! Do you think you can stop being so consumed with your own feelings and start making ME happy. I know you can, so click and send MORE. I want to see MORE cash in my accounts, I want to see MORE money that you worked for in my pocketbook!

Jordan- I showed mercy once I hacked your facebook. I didn’t send a single embarrassing message nor did I release the sissy photos I already have of you on file. I spared your life, but now I truly own you. Because see if you don’t keep ME happy, I have plenty of information on file to not only humiliate you and ruin your reputation among your friends & ex-gf (who is a dumb bitch might I add) but I could probably ruin your chances of being in the army which I know means SO much to you. SO, what does that mean for you sissy slut? It means you’re going to have to be on your very best behavior and keep ME from losing interest in you, and keep me WELL supplied with everything I want! Easy isn’t it..

Goddess Posh

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