Money Slave Drone Bot for Financial Domination Goddess

Wow it was a beautiful weekend for the Holiday. Of course, I spent it out enjoying the weather and spending your slave wages. You know, that money you earn at a job and think is yours but really come to find out belongs to GODDESS!


Poshy fool was a GOOD BOY all weekend long, and doted on me hand over foot to make sure I was as HAPPY as I could be! He understands what I deserve is to be lavished in luxury- AT ALL COSTS. I mean you can’t blame the guy for automatically mindlessly clicking and spending on ME. I did program his brain to respond that way through the numerous brainwash video clips he owns plus his own personal one on one time with ME .. which does include texting with me. A privilege which I have allowed to very few of you slaves. It’s such a treat for him. Imagine old addicted fool sitting at his desk at work unable to concentrate as he eagerly awaits his phone to go off again.. and his heart racing as he checks to see if it’s a message from  his GODDESS. Imagine the disappointment when it’s someone else, perhaps his annoying cunt wife! Oh what a let down, but then also a reminder to him about how much he truly needs me, loves me, LIVES FOR ME! All for Goddess and simply there is NONE left over for the drone bot!


Being a drone is so exciting, you just love it! There is no point in fighting it. Your natural role in life is to be MY financial slave. It’s okay. I know you sometimes think that you might be a little fucked up in the head because you enjoy being my financial slave wallet bitch so damn much, but really there’s nothing wrong with you at all. You’re serving ME, a real genuine Goddess, how could that possibly fall under the category of fucked up? It just can’t. In fact it’s all those others who haven’t found their way to kneeling before me that are missing out, now isn’t it. They haven’t found ME and remember how barren your life was before ME? Now don’t you feel sorry for all those fucked up people when you think of how dark and tragic their world must be without the presence of your Goddess in it, without my light shining on them and giving them purpose the way I do for you. Don’t you feel so lucky now to have ME to serve, worship, and live for mmmm. It’s so easy to just accept your place and give in to your instincts which are telling you that you are weak, helpless and need me and that you just love, love, love, LOVE…. giving up all control of your finances to ME.

It’s so good to be a financial fuck toy isn’t it, boy. Being a helpless puppet on strings which I control. You’re too cute with your head bobbing up and down, up and down, agreeing to every little thing I say. Yes Goddess, Yes Goddess, All for YOU Goddess … that’s it, that’s right. Just nod along like a good boy.

Goddess deserves everything.. say Yes Goddess and nod your puppet head!

Goddess has all of the power.. say YES GODDESS and nod your puppet head!

Goddess owns your soul.. say YES GODDESS, my Soul Belongs to YOU! and nod your puppet head!!!!

Up and down, up and down, so easy to nod your head up and down.. agreeing with every word out of my pretty pink mouth.


I know how captivated you are. I know how easily you can lose control to me, and that scares you at the same time that it excites you. It’s such a rush and you’ll embrace it, because if you haven’t given in yet, you will. All boys give into me eventually. My magnetic pull is too strong. The desires in you have been boiling so close to the surface now, and one little snap of my fingers will push you right over the edge ..



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Photo I took on my trip to Mackinac Island:


I absolutely love photography. It’s one of my greatest passions and I expect it to be totally funded by you HUMAN ATM’s. Face it, you’re a piggy for me and you love it. I want MORE camera gear. Check out my wishlist. If there is camera equipment on there GET IT FOR ME. I will be beyond thrilled.

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Legendary DRONE

Beautiful photos Goddess. your skill with a camera is very evident. It looks like the whole trip was a very appropriate bit of luxury for you. Its always interesting to hit a time warp like that.