Money in MY hands

Posh Brand of Humiliation

I’m in the mood to make you hate yourself, even more than you possibly already do.

This isn’t your average dose of scripted insults, this is an intelligent experienced sadist digging into your mind and exposing who you really are at the core.

I look absolutely stunning with deep dark pink lips and bright blue eyes as I rip you apart.

KISS OF DEATH DEUX will be released tonight with the 2nd list of names. The first list has been cleared and dealt with, and the one who had 7 days of doing exactly as I say with no exceptions- you have unfinished business to tidy up. I will give you 24 hours to take care of it or our arrangement is null.

All for ME, none for you.

What’s that, you’re aching to send me cash on paypal? Oh your whole worth and self purpose relies on the ability to tribute ME your Goddess? You’re begging to put more money into my hands, telling me how good it feels to submit to ME the cash I deserve. Really, hmm, your world feels empty unless you are being financially dominated by me? Oh well you know that it costs $150.00 to even gain my paypal addy. You can start by doing this:

Go here:

Buy a giftcard for ME and send it to

Currently my cart is loaded with $997.00 worth of merchandise and so lucky for you that I’m going to let you send me giftcards to pay for it! God I just LOVE how you are so addicted to giving into my whims. Its yummy, and I know you adore making ME feel yummy.

There isn’t one of you that can resist Me. Oh how you obsess, & worship & adore this Goddess, you are fucked aren’t you.

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