Mindfuck Melodies Season of the Siren Premiere

Being trapped in the powerful spell of all things Goddess Posh isn’t a surprise. You’re weak and inferior, and it’s bound to happen. So it’s no shock that you’re incapable of stopping yourself from traveling deeper on your journey into helpless emotional and financial enslavement for Me!

Mindfuck Melodies may be a temptation that you know leads to your own demise, but you aren’t able to stop it, and so you’ll sink and enjoy the fall instead.

And oh how I must confess watching all of you little weak boys sailing straight towards me ready to be my mindless toys makes me incredibly sadistically happy. Yesssssss you want to fall, and yesssssss you will fall.


Season of the Siren has yet another addicting addition with this months film, Mindfuck Melodies.


Enslaved for Life
my powerful hold over you can’t be broken
you’re trapped in my grasp
these hands that hold you
while warm and like silk
they squeeze the breath from you
and still you
gaze at me from your humble knees
with love and adoration
those chains keep you in place
locked under my spell
enslaved for life


For those of you who have yet to become a VIP you’re still able to sink that financial ship of yours on my rocky shores, just load up on MORE OF MY MINDFUCK with the Mindwash Mix!!!

Inferior boy brains will bend to the power of my  Siren voice. You will sink in helpless need for me, becoming more and more hungry for my mindfuck, as my hypnotic alluring beauty traps you. This is a perfect way to get a healthy dose of Posh, or watch as an addicted obsessed drone can’t help but to do before watching the full hour film.


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Mindfuck Melodies


After I let it be known that I would be hoarding this beautiful intoxicating file all to myself if my financial lust was not quenched by you wallets this week you ALL rushed to provide that cash I love so much!  Mmmm how you all just love to GIVE of your wallets for me… this is good, very good, my programming is working.


Oh you didn’t think you were one of my programmed puppets? This is why I make it so clear you shouldn’t think. Just nod your head along to everything I say, and save yourself some time and energy. You’re programmed by me, to be an obedient drone that has one purpose- providing more cash for me!


Nod your head along and just agree… it’s much easier on you then. Say out loud ‘yes Goddess’, hear yourself giving in, know that my power over you is real and I will use it to get whatever I want.


You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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5 years ago

Yes Goddess…
Yes Goddess…
I am enslaved for life.
I am so addicted…
I feel totally trapped and I feel so proud to try to make you happy.

Mhmmm can’t wait to watch last one hour film!

5 years ago

Thank you for those pics Goddess. Your dog looks very devoted to you, similar to the rest of us dogs. And thank you for posting photos wearing a shirt I was able to buy for you.

puppet drone
puppet drone
5 years ago

i absolutely love the excerpt You provided in the journal entry Goddess, it is such a privilege to be chained and enslaved for life to You! Mindfuck Melodies is on auto-loop for me all day…and those pics with Your dog are so gorgeous! Thank You Goddess

5 years ago

I must admit Your beauty shines through in every picture and every clip, that feeds my addiction and love for You. Then the message in Your film and clips manipulate my mind in a way it’s impossible to resist.
Ah so much love for You that my jugular stands out,!!, then you think my jugular is fair game for your dog…. So disappointed ……….

5 years ago

Goddess Posh,
I apologize deeply since I misunderstood YOUR REFERENCE to my jugular to being in danger for your dog’s teeth, but for YOU my jugular is fair game, I’d probably feel pleasure if you would sink Your teeth into me….,
So sorry about the disappointment word… humbled john