Make My Dreams A Reality!

As predicted I won at the casino, this was on Friday night. I stayed overnight in the hotel, and I spent nerdy’s money for my room. I intended to use money from a few slaves to waste on the machines, after all I believe in supporting my native american ancestors, but within the first five minutes there I won $500. I put $20 into the dollar machine and won $180, and then I won another $320. Yay!! After the relaxing night I came home and ignored my slaves to play nintendo. mmm hmmm, I have the super nintendo from when I was a child and my timmy bought me the Mario All Stars game which has all the original mario brothers on it. Ahh nostalgia..

I had the best dream last night. In it I was financially dominating Bruce Lee. Don’t ask me why it was him, but the dream was hilarious. Firstly he took me shopping to a store that celebrities shop at, the dresses were amazing and thousands of dollars. He bought me ten of them, but I wasn’t happy with just that. I then demanded he give me cash, and of course he did without any worries. We then went back to his amazing house where we were served dinner and I made him sit on the floor at my feet while I enjoyed my food. He then called a friend and got me a role in a movie. ahhhhh .. So, obviously none of you have the powers that Bruce Lee has(had) but you can at least attempt to make my dream a reality. In the least it will be amusing to watch you try.

Life can be so easy for me. I don’t
intend to be ungrateful, or even selfish. I am self-centered, as well I
should be. I am the center of my own world after all, but I do realize
there are people who have to suffer.  I do try to make a difference and
I ask that my slaves do the same. Those of you who are serving me (and anyone else who wishes) have until next week Friday to make a donation to one of these three
charities, and show me the proof of it. You can donate it in my name if
you would like, but that’s not necessary. As a reward you will be
allowed to donate the same amount to me! (Yay!)

1. Help Fight Malaria –

2. Help Fight Childhood Cancer-

3. Support Our Wildlife- WorldWildLife.Org

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