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Make My Bank Account Swell Puppet

Oh boyssssss.. I really want you to stuff my bank account with all kinds of cash, big loads of cash being deposited one after the other straight into my bank account… mmmmmmm. I love the thought of you making my bank account swell up, the same way I make your money slave lever swell all the time.. that’s why I made this new special mp3. Make My Bank Account Swell Puppet.. it’s so erotic and will brainwash you just like that.  It will tantalize every part of you.. but you only get to hear it if you have access to VIP Premium Radio.. do you? If not you can buy the MP3 from me for $100 .. otherwise, JOIN and you won’t have to miss out on more of my amazing mind control programming.

Also I am so generous to have created the Mindfucked in a Minute series. The first clip was released yesterday and believe me, it does exactly as it says. It will leave that helpless boy brain so mushy, SO weak. If you haven’t tried any of my clips due to intimidation of the pricing you should start with Mindfucked in a Minute. It’s $5 for a one minute POWERFUL Posh experience! Warning, you will not want to stop.

As I continue to add more Mindfucked in a Minute clips you will be able to build up a collection of Posh material and find yourself suddenly with 15 minutes of POTENT mind wash clips. By then it will be too late, you are already going to be on full automatic by the end of the series.  I’m only selling these through clipvia and niteflirt. I’m not accepting giftcards or any other form of tribute for the clip.

So far feedback has been very strong that this is an amazing idea and the clip is truly powerful. Many drones returned to me after watching it compulsively over and over, begging to serve, begging to submit, begging to send my cash. Slave wages are eagerly emptied from their accounts into mine.. mmmm! I so love receiving MY cash. These clips are perfect for both newbies and addicts, you all love to get a good dose of Me don’t you.

I also released another new clip called You Deserve to Suffer for My Beauty.. which is a great follow up clip to I Deserve The Best Because I Am The Best. Watch both of them back to back and introduce your mind to the exciting feeling of losing all control to ME. 

Another photo from that clip:


You boys are so spoiled this month! April showers bring May flowers, right.. I showered you with brainwash material, and you’re going to bloom into the most perfect little HUMAN ATM there is! Aren’t you puppet.. oh yes, turning straight into an obedient little drone for me. If you’re not spitting out cash for Goddess you must be broken, and I don’t like broken things. Do you? I didn’t think you would like broken things either..

 Financial domination VIP boys there is another update below. Whenever you see ‘read more’ on a post that means there is a hidden VIP section.. so always click on it and log in and read every word that I type with my greedy Goddess hands!

Goddess Posh

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Yes now my name is robotoine, and i am so proud to be now just adrone, a robot for Goddess Posh! you always deserve more more more; and i need to give more more more

Under the Influence

Just as Goddess Posh’s power and breasts grow, so we become weaker and weaker. I always think I am as weak and powerless as I can be… then Goddess Posh finds a way to take me deeper down. Her current explosion of creativity has been a complete onslaught to the senses. Goddess Posh is completely unstoppable. Surrender and give more more more.

Under the Influence

“nickcover.. you’re an addicted puppet too”

Dear Goddess, how could You possibly know? smile

“I’ve been loving the dedication and loyalty my pets have shown me with their wallets and good behavior. It pleases me to have such well behaved puppets to do my bidding.”

It is a delight to know that Goddess is well taken care of.

Dear Goddess, i thank You once more for allowing us to tribute You. What a truly amazing woman You are!

nickcover aka Posh_is_awesome

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