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Lullaby in Lust Preview

Season of the Siren has a new addition on the way called Lullaby in Lust and you lucky boys get to have a preview TODAY! Not only do I have a preview of the full film, but there is also a snippet of the original song Captive Soul for you to anoint your mind in. And of course there is a release date as well (at the end of the preview) so you have your little weak mushy mind ALL full of ME now and you won’t be able to turn that off. It’s not a switch you have control over. Some of you foolishly tell yourselves you can withstand my manipulations, but it’s obvious by your continuous return that the only person you’re fooling is yourself.

Season of the Siren has been a wonderful and fulfilling project for me and has brought me MUCH satisfaction with myself, and with the way I keep you stable of HELPLESS MINDLESS DRONES so busy SERVING me!

Play a snippet of the song Captive Soul here:

Make sure to mark the dates on your calendar, as a POSH addict and LOVER you will want to own ALL of my material! This means you want the FULL HOUR film and the 20 minute MINDWASH MIX for your own personal collection. Remember, I am generous enough to share the Mindwash Mix companion clips to all boys on niteflirt and clips4sale, but the FULL HOUR FILMS are available to my VIP only! You can be a very indoctrinated puppet too, in which case you will have access to the full series and ALL of my clips filmed from 2008-2015.

If you missed it, and MY addicts surely did not, there is a new MP3 available. Yay, it’s called ALL MINE… and while not the most original title, I can promise it is a POSH masterpiece and you will have your brain flipped inside out and made anew ALL FOR ME, because you’re ALL MINE.



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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

mhmm thank you Goddess Posh for this preview! i already can’t wait to watch the full film and then probably fall deeper into obsession, crossing another line of one way ticket i buy the first day i meet you almost 5 years ago…

Active Member
In Debt In Love Enslaved

Goddess thank You so much for the Lullaby Lust preview! Your song just lulls me into a state on my knees before You while Your words sink deep into my subconscious. i am Your personal go-bot slave and every penny needs to be in Your perfect hands. So glad You enjoyed Your birthday too Goddess!

Broken Soul
Under the Influence
Broken Soul

You are so superior! So achingly destructive and pure sexy evil. i love You even as You absolutely slaughter me. Death by a thousand cuts. i worship You always, under Your feet, under Your heels, and worshipful as You crush me. You took my friends and You took my relationship, You took all i had and You left me to rot and i couldn’t help it. i still loved, craved and circled You, hoping to be able to live and survive and be of some use. i know i’m pathetic and inhumanly corrupted beyond repair. But when it’s You tearing… Read more »

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