Financial Domination Sensation

Love Me with your Money

Collecting cash from my helpless pay pigs, puppets, pets, slaves and adoring admirers – that is what I am here for. Every time I grace the online world with MY presence I expect to see a tribute in some form or other waiting for me. I do not like logging into my email and not having any tribute notifications, so that rarely ever happens. My boys know better than to allow something like that to happen. I deserve to always have boys fanning the flames of my financial lust with their sacrifices. This is why you are here, to WORSHIP, with your WALLET, this addicting, mind-fucking, financial domination QUEEN!!

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and of course I have already started my shopping but there are still many more spree’s to come. I’m a huge fan of spoiling everyone in my family with gifts that I paid for with SLAVE money! It’s so much fun shopping without limit and knowing I can get whatever I want for all the people I care about. And since you are so helpless for me and care about MY happiness more than anything else you are eager to contribute to my outrageous holiday gifting. I will expect gift cards GALORE in the next month. I want a CONSTANT CASH flow as well. Don’t think because I am demanding MORE gift cards than usual that I am demanding LESS CASH! That will NEVER happen. I will always expect MORE. My amazon shopping cart is staying full all the time because I am always shopping in between everything else I do. I will take 5-10 minutes to find something I want to buy & throw it in my cart and then go back to do more shopping continuously throughout the day. At the end of the day when my shopping cart is full I cheek out and pay for everything with the money you boys work so terribly hard for. I don’t set any limits for myself because I know whatever I want I deserve to have and my pets will gladly give it to me.

What power it is to know that I can have whatever I want. I love having a stable of money drones… my inner child is very happy with what I have grown up to be. I have always known I deserved to be put on a pedestal and catered to. Being pampered isn’t for everyone. Most people aren’t comfortable enough in their own skin to enjoy it, and many people think they don’t deserve it because of their low self-esteem or feelings of guilt. I never feel guilty for being pampered and served and living in luxury. Why should I feel bad for having nice things and having an easy life just because others don’t have it as good? Why should I feel bad for focusing on my happiness and pleasure instead of focusing all of my energy onto everyone else? My mentality alone shows I am superior and deserve to be elevated and worshiped.

I’m so happy to show off my natural beauty. Look at me and love how unique of a Goddess I really am. This isn’t about how hot I look or how little clothes I wear or how cliche of a bitch I can be. This isn’t about catering to your fetish or perversion or fantasy. This isn’t about making money because I need it and have to hustle you boys for cash. Nope. This is about a woman that knows her worth. This is about a woman who loves to be adored, worshiped, and served FINANCIALLY. This is about a woman that wants to use YOU for HER own pleasure. This is about a woman that enjoys being in control. This is about THIS woman. Look at me and face your future, face your defeat and face yourself.




I know you love me. So love Me with your money. It’s the only way.



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I am Goddess’ dumb dog slave that obeys Her commands like “sit!” or “Lay down!” or “Shut up!” or “Tribute” or “cash!”

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

thank you so much Goddess Posh for these so cute halloween photos!
of course like you command on last game of drone mp3, i spend all free time in obsessing mode, watching clip and listen mp3 on loop… you deserve so much to be on a piedestal, like i deserve so much to crave to be mindfucked on knees at your feet , you’re so generous to allow me to do it…

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