Love & Addiction, your demise by Broken Soul

Love & Addiction, your demise by Broken Soul

She takes your mind apart, piece at a time. She immediately dissects, knows what you want, what you need, what you crave. Gets inside your head and assumes control, pushes your boundaries.  Once She finds the edge of your limits She pushes you over it, using love and addiction as a weapon to control you.

You can’t stop Her, you can’t hate Her, you can’t fight Her, or at least, if you do, you still can’t win. She will make that wild journey into deep profound weakness and submission seem like the craziest drug.  She WILL make you so hard, so aroused, so unable to say no.  You will lose to Her in this every single time.

You’ll even love it, love Her for it as you lose yourself. You will hate yourself but you will come back for more and more and She will delight in taking more and more.  You won’t want to stop the ride no matter how much damage She does, no matter what happens or where She takes you.

She will show you who you really are, until you know your cock only responds to Her stimulus and only gets hard for Her. Your wife, girlfriend, family, friends; nothing is more important that reaching the high only She can give. Then you are truly fucked and you’ll be Her pet, begging at Her feet for a word, a thought, anything.  When she plays with your mind, and emotions, pushes you over the edge again, She’ll redefine you. Shaping you to suit Her.  Brainwash you, take over completely.

You’ll hear Her in your own thoughts and wonder are these thoughts yours or Hers and you wont care. It will feel so good to go so deep.  You will love her with heartrending power, you’ll only feel alive when She is in your mind, taking you into the deepest levels of subspace and conquering your will down to nothing. You will realise over time that old boundaries have become nothing to you now, and the new boundaries are constantly pressured to breaking point. You’ll be amazed one day that you don’t recognise yourself. You are not who you thought, or what you thought. You are what She has created from a fool who got too close to the flame.

You will crave being used, abused, NEED Her words.  Then She will show you how your own wants and desires mean nothing and you’ll give up on those things while hoping all the time She might entertain them still.  One day.  You will want the fix only She can provide so badly you’ll let Her do anything to you, with you. From that point you will know truly what it is to be owned. Your choices are gone. You have one option, or several that all lead to the same place. Kneel, beg, serve, slave, submit, crave, lust HER. You’ll realise nothing else matters to you anymore, and if you don’t – then She will take great pleasure in revealing it to You. Until you have to accept that the Goddess Posh completely owns You and who You are.

She made you.She can break you. And you will always love Her forever, in torment and ecstatic suffering. Your life, your personality, your emotions, your ability to live and function all will belong to Her. She will control you, and you will never be able to make Her stop, no matter how much it terrifies you and you won’t even want to. Not nearly enough.  Powerless, helpless, broken to Her will, shattered mentally and a puppet on Her strings. She will rule who you are. Completely under Her control. For the rest of your life.

She will show you the true horror of quite how far You will go to feel that rush.She will laugh as She watches you sinking further and further, until you know without a shadow of a doubt – that it is all over. You will submit, you will be trapped, snared, captured and controlled. There is no escape and you will lose the desire to escape. You’ll be in over your head and drowning in it, but oh my God how good it feels! Better than the best sex you ever had.  She can do with words alone what no other woman can do even in physical presence. Open up your mind to Goddess Posh, then prepare to lose it forever.

Broken Soul

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