Lost without me you always come back for more

Look out for a few new clips, Eternal Bliss, Keeper Of Your Broken Soul & Starved. I’ll be releasing all relatively soon, whenever I get around to it. No rush, though I know you’re aching for them. Oh, the torment of your mind is worth the wait, at least for me it is.


A slave of mine came crawling to me in the night. He had, unsurprisingly,  a dream about me. In it I was wearing heels, standing in front of him as he knelt before me. I was making him beg for his life while I held a stiletto to his throat.

Really, does that sound like something I would do? I’m harmless, I’m pure innocence. I know you see that child lurking behind my eyes, the one that likes to laugh uncontrollably at your discomfort and pain. Really, having such dirty dreams about me. I’m not sure where you boys get these ideas from.

Granted I am a woman, a deviant calculating wickedly manipulative and calmly dominant woman, but there is no denying that my curiosity and sadistic exploration of your core is similar to that of a child on a playground. The good news is I have no plans to grow up any time soon…

One of my favorite pets trying to put into words everything about our D/s relationship to his friend, though that’s nearly impossible to do. Its so complex, right puppet..

” I said when i saw the you tube video i was hooked and wanted to talk to You
and that it might have been my biggest mistake because since then i’ve been endlessly exploited and endlessly manipulated and although sometimes i think it will drive me crazy with hate most of the time it just gets under my skin and fuels my lust and takes me deeper
i said i’d have had a chance to escape from her before this happened, if i didnt find her such a fucking turn on
i said its like she gets inside your mind
and just crushes your resistance and finds all the things that turn you on and drive you crazy
and she does it to the point where you cannot stop her
and you dont want to
I said even when you blackmailed me i had a hard on and thats the truth
thats how much this girl fucks with you”  (BTW. I don’t care about your hard on)

That sounds familiar doesn’t it, I know you’re here but sadly enough I feel I have already captured one of your clan and have no room for another one of your lot.  And you’re right, I do have the sexiest eyes you’ve ever seen.

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