Lookie What I Got..

A moderately long awaited post, what does the Goddess have to say after a short 5 day absence in which her slaves, puppets and pets became anxious, desperate and pathetically lonely?

What could have possibly taken my attention away from you? The last you heard I was out shopping and I never came back to coddle your obsession. Oh how frantic you were, every day hoping to see my status change to available, every night checking your messages and emails..

I say, I have you where I want you, don’t I.

I’ve added a new addition to my household pets, you know the ones which are actually furry and mean something more to me than just a wallet to toy with. Here is Onyx, he’s not quite 5 weeks and his mom has stopped nursing him so he’s all mine now.

Isn’t he just the sweetest baby. He even dreams about nursing, poor thing. He looks so safe in my arms. The proof is in the picture people, I do have a nurturing kind side. Really, but I don’t blame you boys for being a bit wary still..

Oh that reminds me, I received the sexiest bra, yes another one. And this time I decided to make a clip in order to tease the buyer and inspire the rest of you to take after his footsteps. Another short and sexy clip, just enough to draw you in deeper and leave you hungry for more. I adore this bra, it looks perfect on me (of course).

Find Clip Here: http://www.clips4sale.com/22347

Apparently someone has the idea in his head that financial dominants do not involve themselves with clips4sale or niteflirt etc. I don’t think people are that black and white. There are many forms of financial domination, each woman takes her own route, what is most natural to her. I don’t have to say what is most natural for me, that is evident when you read my journal and flip through my site. I may have come across as being a stuck up bitch towards other Dommes, but I don’t intend to. When I say that I won’t do certain clips its because they are not of interest to me and I find the buyers to be rude and obnoxious people. It doesn’t mean I look down on the Dommes which do partake in it, if they are being true to their own wants/needs who am I to say they aren’t ‘real’. That was never my intentions.

As for the ‘slaves’ who look down on women that make those choices, or the choices I have made, they are not a slave in my eyes. They are not submissive. To demand a woman gets a check mark next to every one of your required criteria of the ‘perfect financial domme’ list in turn makes you a DOM. That is CONTROLLING a woman. You can expect the basics, you can have standards, but you can’t try to force everyone into a box you made. Have some respect for the fact that we are adult women with layers and we are not here to cater to your standards.

What I enjoy is Pure Financial Slavery from a submissive. Yes of course he is receiving pleasure in return for serving me, that is inevitable. Sure we might build a relationship, but that is at my discretion. I enjoy financial slaves who are here to serve me solely with the goal of giving me money to please me, & to experience the exchange of power. Yummy! I know very few men who actually are interested solely in this, but they do seem to have a way of finding me. Can you blame them..

I will write more later..

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