Live on cam. . tonight!

I’m on cam! Yay! Lucky little losers, line up to have your turn, but no pushing or shoving. You’ll get your turn, provided you handle the monetary exchange beforehand! $$$$$ Come experience financial domination, financial lust, and greedy manipulative dominance by Moi! I’ll leave you empty handed, you don’t even get to cum with me. Worship, submit and adore your one and only – the forbidden fruit is waiting.


I was happy to have my kitty Jordan back for play today, even though it was rather short. Come again Jordan, we have much more to do, which includes you plugging your cam back into your PC and playing dress up for me.

As for you, the one I’ve let think he is free. The chains are loosened, and you’re roaming through your life once more make believing you’re normal. How fun it will be for me when I rip your stupid mask off again. It’s so humorous how you instantly fall back into your old patterns, thinking you’re cured of your craving, when in reality you can’t handle the rejection, you can’t handle me pushing you away, so you’ve only put up the illusions you need in order to make it through your day. When you’re at the height of your denial, I will come back from behind the shadows and look right into your eyes, fear will flash through them as I daintily remove the shield from your heart, and the mask from your face exposing you once more.

And you, gleeful and giddy Jerry- did you think it was fun when I connected to your secretary and let her know how small your cock is? Yes, it’s quite immature, but I couldn’t help giggling at the look of horror on your face. How easy you are to knock down. It doesn’t take much and I’m about bored with you. You never should have told me that you and your wife are seeing a fertility specialist, I wouldn’t have been able to convince your oh so gullible secretary that the reason you haven’t had babies yet is because your cock is so small that it can’t penetrate your wife! Maybe it’s time you fire her, and just give me the salary she was making.

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