Life is grand!

The Holiday weekend approaches. For most of you it’s already started as you have been given Friday off of work. What a perfect start to a weekend of adoration for ME. As you know, I am not religious, not that I don’t appreciate a good Easter (fake) egg hunt, but I believe your worship and praise is better suited aimed at me.

I’ve created a great clip, not really hypnosis, didn’t intend to induce you into a trance in other words, but my natural hypnotic quality, my soothing voice and my mesmerizing breasts pull you in as I feed you suggestions. Sure, you may wish to cum, but I don’t make it easy. In fact, I believe I don’t let you cum while you watch the clip- there is a twist after all! And there always will be with me, because I am not a service to you nasty nasty perverts.

I do love corrupting men though, and what better time than now in lieu of a Christian Holiday – not that you need much corrupting- so even those of you who are chaste should buy this clip and enjoy my lovely perfect breasts (in a bra you flipping creep) as I tantalize and tease your need to obey and submit. Oh it’s perfect, just as I am.

Enchanting, addicting & beautiful- hmm that seems to me it’s a lethal combination.

As far as how well my slaves have behaved this week- – let’s see. One is gone on vacation, the other has loosened up on being el cheapo a bit, and the rest are as usual hanging around like little lost puppies not sure what to do with themselves only hoping for some attention & affection. Prime situation to hone in on their insecurities and take whatever I want. Oh I love being me, it’s just too easy sometimes. Even when you egotistical big headed maniacs come around claiming to be so manly and tough I rip you into nothing and leave you crying like a bitch.


Life is grand, and since that’s my mantra of the day I expect you will work hard to get me a grand. Won’t you!

Goddess Posh

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