Lets Play My Puppets

I love that there is some kind of secret knowledge for those of us who live and LOVE financial domination. It’s like a kind of code, and something only those who are in the know can really appreciate. Which is why I don’t care in the least if someone has a misconception or doesn’t approve of our choices. It’s not their fault, they just aren’t capable of grasping the philosophy of femdom findom. We are though. We’re more than capable.  I also don’t mind when people pervert the term findom and mistake it for what they are doing, or when their ‘slaves’ (customers) do the same. Do you know why? It’s because those people can never effect MY life. REAL financial slaves are PAWING at me, BEGGING to be my wallet. They KNOW and understand this way of  life.

Financial domination is SUCH a rush for Me. I know it’s a rush for you to pleasure me. Lets play.

Goddess Posh

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